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July 27, 2015

Hola! Que pasa Mufasa?

Kristy!!!!! Congrats on 18 months of kicking butt! You are a great missionary and I am really proud of you! Hope that you all have fun in New Zealand! 

Well this week flew by! On Wednesday, we had our zone conference with President Diaz and his wife.  They really are such loving people and we had a good time and also really felt the spirit.  He talked about the importance of teaching by the spirit and the importance of our being worthy of the spirit. It was well needed and I also really liked my interview with him.  It was so comfortable and he is an awesome guy.

So we didn’t have any contact with Camila and Diana.  We don’t know what happened but they haven’t answered and have never been in there house when we have gone by.  So hopefully, we can have a little more success this week.  Our zone has had a lot of miracles in finding people to teach and inviting people to be baptized.  Hopefully, we can follow the trend! Despite our lack of success in our own area, we have been able to help out others.  We were walking to an appointment on Saturday when we passed a 40ish year old woman walking with her two daughters (15 and 9).  We decided to talk to them and they were really receptive.  They don’t live in our area but we gave them a Book of Mormon and wrote down their phone number and passed the reference to some other Elders in our zone.  The elders called them that same night to invite them to church the next day.  Sunday in the afternoon we got a call from the Elders saying that all 3 of them came to church in DRESSES and they stayed for all of the 3 hours of church.  They told the Elders that they have been looking for a church for a while now but haven’t found one that they like (well how about the true church of Jesus Christ to end your search! haha).  I bet they will be baptized in 3 weeks.  She even told us that she stopped taking coffee a few years ago because a Mormon friend she has told her it was bad. haha

We talked with this guy that has lived in New York for 30 years and has a REALLY strong New York accent.  Almost every line had the word "man" or "do you feel me" or "that’s just disrespect" or a swear word..... haha He told us that his wife is coming to visit him next week. He then said "hey a man has got to be honest....  I am going to meet up with my girlfriend right now".  I was in an intercambio with Elder Stayner (the giant) and we both just left this contact busting up laughing.  Hopefully we can find him in his house someday to help him sort things out.

This week was a little tough.  I am trying to keep progressing and improving each day! I have learned and know that it is only through Christ that we can be our best selves.  We mess up, we fall down, but we can always get back up and keep fighting until we get it right! I love my Savior and I love the mission.  I love you all and hope that you have a great time on vacation! Take lots of pics! 

Elder Crofts
Zone Conference with President Diaz


This is Elder Stayner. He is 6' 8" and I totally windmill 360 dunked it on him.


What a cute little puppy. Hey there little guy....

....oh does somebody need a hug?

The Pavez family. He made us some AWESOME hamburgers.

Elder Stayner and Hermana Aranda from Peru.  Haha

I made breakfast burritos...


We stopped by a less actives house and a whole bunch of members were there to celelbrate her birthday. They had a ton of food and invited us in.....don't mind if I do!  Haha

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