Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015


One of my favorite weeks so far on the mission! We have had a lot of miracles and a lot of laughs....

Well why "got chicken?"  Get ready! haha on Tuesday we were in an interchange.  I was with Elder Choez from Ecuador.  We had a service planned in the morning and we thought that we were going to paint a members wall.  When we got there, they weren´t prepared and told us that they would ask their mom who lives right beside them if she had something that she needed.  She said that she needed to clean the chicken coop.... OKAY! let’s do it! We started cleaning when she said to us "That rooster right there never leaves me alone.  He always pecks me and I just want to kill him and turn him into a soup..." Elder Choez who has a little more experience with that kind of thing than I ( that being ZERO experience) said "well alright sister! LETS DO IT!"  She said "really? You would do that? Alright! Go on ahead!" So basically Elder Choez went chasing after the chicken and after a minute or two had it ready.  I had to hold it down and then he killed it.  She then asked if we could pluck the feathers and cut and clean it up.  So we got going and were just about done when we got to the part of pulling out the intestines.  I was doing great and the sight and texture didn’t bother me.  I then took a big breath in and honestly thought I was going to faint.  Everything went blurry and I couldn’t see almost anything.  I had to hurry and lean up against a wall and breathe for a minute or two until I felt better.  It really was the craziest feeling I have ever had.  So it wasn´t the service that we had planned but.... "insasmuch as ye have done it, unto one of the least of these my brethen....." haha 

HUMBERTO!!! I think I said that last week a man came to church that was invited by some members.  Yeah his name is Humberto.  We taught him on Wednesday.  He is trying to stop drinking and doing drugs and has been drug free for almost 3 weeks.  He recognized that he needed God´s help to do it so he showed up Sunday.  He accepted the baptismal invitation and we have taught him every day from that time.  He wants to leave behind his past and hopes for a better future.  When we invited him to be baptized the 16th, he told us he would be out of town.  We then promised him blessings and explained baptism a little bit more and HE CHANGED HIS PLANS.  He announced his baptism on Friday to the family that invited him in a family night we had.  He said "well... these last 61 years of my life, I feel like I haven’t really had a purpose.  For the first time I feel like I am in the truth.  I feel something.... I don’t know what it is but I know it is true.... that is why I have decided to be baptized."  He later told us that it is the only desire that he has.  We are super stoked and getting him ready for this week! Sorry out of time!  Love you and I know that this church is true! 

Elder Crofts

So only Bobby would send pictures and include no pictures of himself but put 2 pictures of a pizza he made. Classic!

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