Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Buenas Tardes!!!

So Camila turned out to be a failure and doesn’t want anything.... haha.  A member in another ward in our stake goes to her same school and he told us that she was putting a bunch of nonsense about the Mormons never leaving her alone and always passing by her house... But if you told us to come? haha oh well.  We left one Camila and found another awesome one that is 15! If you remember how I talked about contacting on the bus a few weeks ago? Well we saw some results this week! We finally had contact and taught her, her little brother (9) and her best friend Diana (15).  We taught the restoration and they all understood it very well! They said if they got an answer that they would be baptized.  This was Saturday night and they said they would come to church.  We stopped by Sunday morning and they couldn’t come because they were going to Valparaiso to see their brother.  The bummer is that they didn’t come but I feel like if we do our part that they can be baptized in 3 weeks.  We had an investigator come that is the mom of a recent convert.  She is not too interested in changing and also has problems hearing so it is a little difficult to teach her.  We found 6 new investigators this week (some we have already left).  That is the most that we have found in our time together so hopefully we can help them progress! 

So after 10 months of not playing any sports, it was SO AWESOME to play some futbol.  I felt so good after I did it.  We are going to get together again today but I might practice the piano while they do it.  

We also had to push 3 cars this week to try and get them started.  2 of them wouldn’t start up so we ended up running them about 1/2 a mile to their house. That was a little different! 

This Wednesday we are going to have our conference with President Diaz and his wife! It should be awesome! I love this work! I am trying to be patient and faithful and trust in the miracles that the Lord is preparing for us! I know this is where I should be! 

Love you all!!! UN ABRAZO!


Biggest Completo that I have ever had!

Sushi Time!!!

Well, we didn't take a lot of pics this selfie fest it is!!!!

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