Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hola Mis queridos!

Hey fam! How ya doing! I am doing great here! I love to see all of the pics and it looks like you all had a blast in New Zealand and Australia.  Dad the shoes fit well! They are perfect! Thanks so much! I also was able to listen to all of the audio things that you sent me.  Kristy I loved your talk! It was amazing and I could feel the spirit as you testified about your experiences! Amy and Heather you both also did great! 

Well, I feel like a ton happened this week! Humberto was baptized and it was so awesome!  He was so excited and invited family members to come and support him on this big day.  In the morning yesterday, we got a call at about 8:40am from Humberto saying that he was already there! (Church doesn’t start until 10am!) haha  He was so excited and anxious that he just couldn’t wait to get there.  We shared an awesome message with his family while he was getting changed after the baptism.  We are going to try to network through Humberto so that we can have some success with his family as well.  The best part was when we asked Humberto if he would like to share his testimony.  He said that he would and stood up and bore his testimony and his experience and how he came to be baptized.  He talked for about 15 minutes and the spirit was really strong.  Some of the things that he said that really impacted me were: "I have been looking for something that was missing all of my life and my search has finally come to an end.....I knew the moment that I walked in the church`s doors that I was where I need to be......my only desire is to obey until the end."  He really is a great guy.  A lot of his family were in tears as they watched him.  They were amazed by the change that he had gone through.

The 3 women that I contacted a few weeks ago with Elder Goulding were also baptized yesterday.  I was able to do the interview of the youngest who is 9.  It was awesome to see the results of how trying to talk with everyone really brings miracles.

Well, Elder Avila and I are trying to depend more on the Lord in our day to day proselyting.  The other day we had one of the least successful days in a while.  We had passed by our plans and no one was there and none of the contacts that we did in the street were very receptive.  We decided to say a prayer and shortly after I felt we should go down a previously untraveled street.  A man stepped outside of his house right as we were passing by so we started to talk to him.  He was really interested and said that he would like to come to church next Sunday with his wife and his daughter.  It was so cool to see just how quick God answered our prayer.

Well the point is..... I wanted to ask each one of you what is something that has helped you to strengthen your prayers throughout your life.  I really liked in Kristy´s talk how she said we sometimes treat it like an errand because it is so true.  I am trying to strengthen myself and become more converted through consecrated prayer.  If you could all send me your testimony about prayer and something that has helped you I would be really grateful! Thanks for all you do!

STOMACH!!! I ate stomach for the first time and I can say that it was SWEET! The sister that prepared it is an awesome cook.  It was great but I don’t think I would eat it unless someone really knows how to prepare it! haha

I love you all! I love the mission and I am trying to do my best! 

Elder Crofts
Humberto's Baptism
Humberto's Family

Elder Avila & I

Peanut butter banana chocolate chip pancakes!


Yeah, some last minute pics on the way to do laundry so that you can still feel the love. Haha
Picture of the church
Elder Pereira from Idaho

At our lunch, he saw a video game that he loved and the members said that they never even use it so they gave it to him.

I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Haha, what a guy!

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