Friday, August 7, 2015

August 3, 2015

So on Monday, we were in a trio for 3 days because we had to pick up an Elder who´s companion had finished the mission.  It was cool and all because we could enter in whatever house we wanted but I think I will stick with 1 companion from now on.  I was the clean and neat one and it just gave me more stuff to do. haha  It was also a little hard to keep really obedient with the schedule because Elder Goulding got a little laid back... but that´s over now! 

I am now with Elder Avila from Argentina.  He is 8 months into the mission and is awesome! This is his first change as a zone leader (I was a little surprised that they put us two new zone leaders together... haha) and we are already getting along really well.  He is a really sincere, focused, dedicated and hardworking guy and I am really excited to be with him! I am hoping that we will stay together here for 2 or 3 changes! He is really dedicated to being obedient and it makes it SO much easier to want to do the same! I feel like we are going to make some good things happen! 

Well, since we are both new zone leaders, we had a meeting on Friday with President Diaz and the other new leaders.  It was awesome! We talked about qualities of a good leader and some of the expectations that President Diaz has for us.  It was great! I really feel more confident working with Elder Avila.  We are learning as we go and trying to do our best! 

The other day, we entered in a woman´s house and started to talk with her. She has some Mormon grand kids and is not personally interested in joining a church.  Right as we were about to get to the message of the restoration, a Baptist man came in and started preaching to us about the Bible for 15 minutes.  After he was done talking, I said "Thanks for sharing that with us.  We now have a short, 5 minute message that we would like to share with you.  Is that okay?"  "You have one." He responded.  So we started to testify of prophets and the restoration.  The spirit was definitely there.  The Baptist man didn’t change his opinion and after trying to contend for a minute or two left.  The woman we were teaching said after "wow... I had no idea that God and Christ appeared to Joseph.... I thought he just started a church".

We taught another man that wasn´t very interested but after explaining the Book of Mormon and the restoration he said that he wanted us to give him 3 weeks to read the Book of Mormon and that he will let us know if he will be baptized.  We are going to pass by before then but it was just so cool to see how the spirit changes hearts.

I know that this church is true! I love the mission and I love all the things that I can learn! I love my companion and I know that we are going to have miracles this change!!! 

Les quiero mucho!!!!
Elder Crofts
Elder Avila at his finest! (yes he looks more gringo than I do)

A crazy fruit that I sometimes see here.

Charlie gave a sweet apron to Elder Goulding to say bye.

I made OMLETTES!!!

I made breakfast empanadas!

Loving the view!!!

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