Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015


I really cannot believe how fast each week goes. haha Well we had a good week.  We really need to find some new people to teach.  We have contacted a lot of really good people who we have given Books of Mormon to but we just struggle finding them in their houses.  I am trying hard to believe that the Lord has prepared people and that they are waiting for us and that the success will come.  We have 5-6 investigators that aren’t really keeping the commitments and a few others that have accepted baptism but are just never in their house! Time sure is flying and I am trying to make the most of every moment.  I love Ether 12.  It talks a lot about faith and about miracles.  It was "by their faith" that all of the miracles were brought about.  I am trying to look for and make miracles happen.  Hopefully, we have a little more success this week than the last.  

We are teaching a man named Marco.  His parents were baptized 4 years ago.  He is 36 and started living with them just a few weeks ago.  He has been taught by a lot of missionaries because they have always been over in his parents’ house.  He says that he knows the church is true because he has seen such a big change in his parents.  The only reason that he hasn’t been baptized is he is afraid that he would do it and then go inactive in some point of his life.  He understands the importance of baptism and hopefully we can help him to overcome his fears and JUST DO IT. haha We set a date for the 19th.  He said if he receives an answer from God he will be baptized that day.  Part of the problem is that he works from Monday to Friday close to Argentina.  So we can only teach him Saturday and Sunday.  He said he will do his best to keep his commitments.  He is a really good guy so hopefully we can make it happen! 

We had an awesome ward activity on Saturday with different countries and cultures throughout the world.  Each country had some food and a dance or song to go with it.  La obra misional? We had USA!!!! haha We had planned on some members doing a country dance but it didn’t work so Elder Goulding and I had to sing the national anthem in front of everyone.  It was last second but no one died so we´ll call it a success! haha one sister said to us "you should have translated it.... we didn’t understand a thing!" well... maybe next time. haha we also made some AWESOME food! We looked up some recipes and went to town! We made an awesome apple pie (it was the best thing I tried in the whole activity), funeral potatoes, cinnamon rolls and two stuffed and roasted chickens (turkey doesnt exist here. haha)  It was a success.  A lot of people showed up.  We had a lot of less actives and it just would have been nice to have some more non-members!

But I am doing really well! I just finished the Book of Mormon and I started to read the New Testament and the Book of Mormon from the beginning.  I love the mission and I really hate how fast time flies.  There are so many people here that need the gospel, so many that don’t even have a clue that they need it and so little time to get the work going to invite others to come unto Christ.  I love my Savior and I am grateful for his atoning sacrifice.  Thanks for everything! 

Con amor,
Elder Crofts

oh P.S.... this Friday I will meet President Diaz and his wife.  We have a meeting with all the leaders in the mission! 
Look at that baby

My best pie

Master Chef


Hermana Aranda & Hermana Holmes

Hermana Holmes from Cali

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