Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hola Queridos,

We had a great this week.  Two souls were saved: one was the soul of a man; the other was the soul of a cat.  haha we were climbing up a GIANT set of stairs when we heard a cat crying and crying from a tree.  The genius had gotten into a spot where it couldn’t get down.  We had hoped to see it jump the 9 feet that it needed to land on the ground but unfortunately it didn’t.  We visited a few houses and on the way down it was still there so we got a plank of wood to help it down.  Well scouts taught me well.... do a good turn daily.

The other soul that was saved was CRISTIAN.  He got baptized yesterday and it was awesome.  I baptized him and right after we came out of the water he said it was just an overwhelming feeling that came over him.  He was really happy and we were really happy for him.  Just like with Sebastian’s baptism in April we had a lot of drama to make this baptism happen as well.  Everything worked out and now we are going to try and help Cristian progress with the ward’s help.  

We now have basically no one that is progressing.  So this week, we are going to talk with EVERYONE. It isn´t always easy but I always feel good when I feel I have done my part to talk with every single person that the Lord has put in my path.  The other day, we went to contact a 60 year old man.  I stuck out my hand to greet him and he didn’t even flinch and walked right through it.  It must be the sun screen that you and mom sent me for my birthday because I am convinced that I turned 100 percent invisible. haha poor guy, probably has a bruise in his gut.

I am in 3rd Nephi in the BOM.  I love learning from the teachings of the Savior and thinking about the things I need to do to improve.  I loved what I read today.  We can serve God or we can serve Satan there is no in between.  And,  in all things we need to remember to look to serve God and build His kingdom and all other things shall be added unto us.  We may not understand why things happen, but we can always trust in Him, knowing that everything that happens in our lives will work together for our good if we let Him guide us. 

This week was a little better but it is just tough at times feeling like you're still not doing it just how it should be.  I am sure you understand.  But thanks for all of the advice.  I am trying to really get things going.  This could be my last full week in the Chamiza Ward but we will have to see.  I am trying to really organize my time because I feel like part of what stresses me out is that I have NO time to do all of the things I feel I need to do with all of the responsibilities as a DL.  But I am working hard and hopefully we can see some miracles this week.  I Love you all.

Con MUCHO Amor. 
Elder Crofts
Cristian's baptism was awesome!
Cristian and his parents
Waiting for the font to fill up

Waiting during Cristian's interview

The cat we saved

Hellooo kitty

My salmon breakfast from the other day
Mission blog pictures from Achupallas Zone Conference

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