Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015


*blink,  Well there went that week. haha

Well on Friday we got to wake up nice and early to go to Viña for the mission leader´s meeting with President Diaz.  The bus that we were in was filled and there wasn´t a whole lot of space.  We both started to talk with some different people and to do contacts.  I talked with a 15 year old teen who was on his way to school.  He had a sincere interest to understand a little better the purpose of this life and he was a good guy.  Elder Goulding talked with a woman that was REALLY interested.  She totally felt like there should be modern day prophets. He took down her information and the missionaries are going to pass by.  Later in the day, I was thinking about the contacts and I was amazed at how receptive they were.  It is interesting that in the moments where one would normally not do contacts (in the bus or waiting in line etc.) because it is a good time to "relax",  you talk with the most receptive people.  It was a cool experience and really got me excited to talk with everyone.

So.... as a result of talking with people on the bus, we didn’t realize that we went past our bus stop. haha So we hurried and got off and had to walk about twenty minutes in the cold to the office.  We walked by a McDonald’s and a Denny’s. Can I just say it was a big temptation not to stop right there and go enjoy some high quality USA FOOD.  Speaking of the USA!!!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I hope you are all enjoying it because it isn’t the same being away. haha  

So President Diaz is awesome!!! He is so loving and really wants us to be happy as missionaries and wants us to do our best.  I can tell that he will be more focused on quality and not so much quantity.  I went into the meeting with a few questions and I feel like all of them were answered.  One of the things I liked most was "we can’t let secondary things take place of the things that are the most important." Good, Better, BEST.  With so many things in this life, we just need to ask ourselves what we receive as a result of our actions.  We should always begin with the end in mind.  It was also cool to see some familiar faces.  

So President Diaz gave us permission to see Chile play in the finals of the Copa America against Argentina! We had to see it in the house of a leader of our ward.  It was an awesome game and it was really cool of President Diaz to give us permission! It ended in penalty kicks and Chile won 4-1.  What an awesome game! 

Even bigger than the game for Chile, was the fast that all of the country did so that we could receive some rain.  It hadn’t rained in more than 4 months and Chile is passing through a drought that hasn´t ever happened.  Yesterday in the morning, dark, heavy clouds filled the air on the way to church.  In the end of the testimony meeting, our bishop stood up and said "I just looked on my phone and it has started to rain in Coquimbo, Valpo.....etc."  He then bore his testimony.  After the hour, we went outside and it had started to rain.  It was a true miracle!  I was surprised at just how soon the Lord answered the fast.  I guess that is why it is called "fast." haha  It rained throughout the afternoon and we just kept saying "we are walking in a miracle".  Chile still needs a lot more water... but it was cool to see the quick relief and answer that the Lord gave to our prayers and our fast.  

I love the mission!  It is going SO QUICK!!! I really can’t believe it.  I am so grateful for the Savior and for my family and also to have been born in the best country on the planet.  God bless the USA!!!  Also.... happy b-day on the 9th Heather.  I hope it is great!

Elder Crofts

President & Sister Diaz with President & Sister Kahnlein

President & Sister Diaz

President & Sister Kahnlein return to Argentina

Leadership meeting with President Diaz

Elder Dunn

Watching Chile beat Argentina in the Copa America final

Rain in Chile after a fast. Milagro!

It has been super cold in the morning and in the nighttime but nice and warm in the afternoon.

Living up the miracle!!! RAIN!

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