Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

We had a good week.  We have been trying to talk with everyone but there is just not a lot of interest among a lot of people.  But we are looking for the people that the Lord has prepared.  We activated a woman named Rosa Farfan that is from Spain and she is so awesome.  We have had a lot of less actives that have started coming and we are super happy about that! This week, really flew by and I don’t have a whole lot to say.  Cristian hasn´t been smoking for 1 week and he should be baptized this Sunday.  He really knows it is what he should do.  Yesterday, he didn’t come to church but we stopped by later that day and he told us that he just didn’t have a good weekend and fought against the feeling he had.  Out of nowhere our 1st and 2nd counselor of the bishopric showed up and we had a super powerful lesson.  He knows he is in the right path and hopefully he keeps his commitments so he can be baptized this Sunday.  It was a tough week but we are going to work hard and try to make this week a better one! 
I just wanted to thank you for all you do.  Your letters and emails really mean a ton and I am super grateful for everything.  I am glad to see that you guys had fun in San Fran and it sounds like everything was awesome! That Tony´s pizza looked even better than I remembered. Have mercy..... I would swim all of the west coast to get my hands on that puppy!  ha-ha The pizza here in Chile is NOTHING like the stuff we have back home. Well, I am doing well.  I am trying to work hard and be obedient but like it says in the "His Grace is Sufficient" talk by Brad Wilcox, I always feel like I come up just a little short.  There are days where I feel super good about everything and others where I feel not to great.  I think what is the hardest for me is to feel like I am an efficient missionary.  The other day we stopped by a member’s house to see if he could come with us to an appointment we had and he invited us in to his house and told us that he couldn’t but kept talking and talking and TALKING and one hour later we left.  The other day we had lunch and we got there and it wasn’t ready and we ended up having a two our lunch.  I try but things just don’t turn out always how I would like them to (such is life right).  Or some days we try to talk with everyone and the majority don’t even shake our hands. Haha, we just laugh it off most of the time but what bugs me is that I feel I have such high expectations for myself and for my mission and I want to learn as much as I can from these two years so I can become the best me I can.  I know I will never live up fully to the expectations God has for me but it just sucks sometimes to feel so far from where you want to be.  I try not to compare myself to others but it happens at times.  I am starting to realize that the 1 year mark is just a few weeks away and I feel like I still have a TON to improve.  What were some things that have helped you to have constant and persistent personal growth and to feel like you are working effectively every day?

I have learned here in the mission that it really is tough to turn everything over and to be 100 percent consecrated to the work.  It is tough to "humble yourself to the dust" and to put off the natural man.  I feel like there are so many things and people that I need to pray for but at night I am exhausted and don’t fight to give the quality of prayer that I need and the other people need.  I love you and I really am doing well.  I am just bugged at times that I can´t seem to take 100 percent control of my growth and the success in the areas I am in and in my district.

I hope you have a great week of work.  Thanks for all you do 

Love you all, 
Elder Crofts

Achupallos Zone Conference. Our last conference with President Kahnlein.
Elder Brown & I on our way back from Vina

Interchange with Elder Veloso

Ain't nothing like condensed milk to tame the beast within

We decided to make some homemade beans....yummy, yummy!

Hey, lets make a roof
Hey, lets make a fence. Hope the one at home looks better when finished

Looks like a nice position for a nap

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