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May 25, 2015

Buenos tardes mi querido familia!!!

Well this was another good week.  On Friday, we had our last zone conference with President Kähnlein and it was awesome.  He talked of the need for us to have works of righteousness.  We should try every day to perfect our works and follow exactly the path that Christ taught.  If we are righteous, we will always be happier.  He shared a video in the end of a man who talked about the things that really are the most important in life. In this video he shared a story of when he had bought a nice new convertible.  He would frequently take his niece and nephew on a ride.  One day, his niece and nephews mom said to them "be careful with your shoes not to scuff up the nice new seats that your uncle has!"  He then took a freshly opened can of orange soda and poored it all over the back seats and said "It is a THING!"  He then went on to say that the next week he was taking his nephew for a ride when suddenly he threw up all over the back seat because he had gotten the flu a day or two before.  He said "I felt so good knowing that I made it so a little 8 year old boy didn’t feel so bad about ruining a THING!".  Something that was also said was "the game is short.... so play hard."  I am trying to "leave it all out on the field" every day.

Oh Juanito.... so I am sure you remember Jaunito.... well it was his turn to give us lunch again.  After a GIANT bowl of noodles and clams,  he gave us both 2 GIANT plates with two pieces of fish that were bigger than any piece of fish I had ever eaten.  I really ate like two fist sized pieces of fish.  He then brought out a GIANT desert and cut it into 4 pieces.  He said that the person that finished 1st would have to eat the last piece.  I ate nice and slow so that Elder Brown would have to eat it haha.  But.... as soon as I finished... "Elder Crofts! You didn’t get another piece! Should I give you something else?" "No Juanito, I really am stuffed don’t worry about it!"  "Oh but it is not fair" he responded.  He then left the room and came back with a box that had a dessert that was the size of my fist.  I just started to laugh uncontrollably.  I have started to get a little bit of a stomach and have lost a lot of muscle mass so I have been trying to eat healthier and he wasn’t helping me out. haha as I continued laughing I moved in my chair a little bit and it made a big screeching noise like it was about to burst into little pieces. That killed me. haha I started laughing so hard that I burst into tears and instead of sounding like a laugh it sounded like more of a girly cry leaving my mouth.  Embarrassing.... but well..,. it happened.  I have meditated about going to a pure water diet. haha

So yesterday, I learned a lesson about not judging people.  A young woman with flaming pink hair was walking in front of us.  I thought to myself "how on earth could someone come to the conclusion that dying their hair flaming pink would be a good idea?"  We passed her and as I looked over she had a lot of different piercings and tear filled eyes.  For some reason, we kept walking and contacted another old man that wanted absolutely nothing.  After the contact, we kept walking when we passed the park where we always run in the morning. We saw this same girl sitting on a bench bawling.  We felt we should go talk to her.  Her name was Fernanda and she was only 16 years old.  Her mom’s boyfriend had arrived at the house drunk and had threatened to kill her.  She has been an atheist for a few years but I think she really felt the spirit as we talked with her.  Tomorrow we have an appointment and hopefully we can help her come closer to God by being baptized.  It made me realize that I don’t know what circumstances people are in so I should not judge them.  Not all people have had the privilege of being raised in a gospel centered home.  I love my Savior and I know he and our Heavenly Father love us so much.  I know this church is true.  Time to keep “playing hard.”

Con amor,

Elder Crofts
In this picture, I was in mid blink. I was about to erase it but Elder Brown said "but if she served in Japan it's perfect." So there you go. Haha Hope you had a great day!

We made Mom's BBQ chicken pizza.

Yes, I do recognize that almost all the pictures have food in them. You can shave a tiger but that doesn't change the fact that he is going to have stripes.

First plate with Juanito

Hey there big guy.

The fish is as big as my fist.

Dessert #1

Dessert #2

My reaction to Dessert #2. Don't mind the rolls in the comes with the dessert...the tears also come with the dessert.

Looks like the poor guy ran out of lives

Almost all of the photos we get from Bobby involve pictures of food, we hope this is an exception!

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