Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Time to get to Work

So I am still here in Chamiza! My new companion is named Elder Brown from San Antonio Texas.  He has been in the mission for a year and a half and is a super awesome guy! We get a long super well.  He is a lot of fun, likes to work, and likes to have a good laugh as we do it all. 

So Monday night to Tuesday morning, we had some huge thunder and lightning.  Viña hasn´t seen storms like that in 30 years or something.  I guess up in the north of Chile it caused a lot of flooding but here we just got a little wet. It has been a little more humid and hot this week due to the rain storm.  I am really looking forward to winter weather here.  The weather is perfect.... but not for walking in a shirt and tie all day. Haha

We are teaching a 15 year old girl named Macarena.  She is super timid and we are trying to really win her trust and help her to progress.  Her sister is an active member and she has a lot of support from her uncles. 

So Sebastian still has the problem with his mom.  She won’t give him permission to be baptized.  We had a lesson with him in a member’s house last night and I really felt the spirit.  I have learned that some missionaries try so hard to really learn the material in preach my gospel (something that is necessary) but forget to follow the spirit and really teach the person.  I really like that about Elder Brown.  I feel like teaching with him is a lot more focused on the spirit and really touching people´s hearts.

We found a few potential baptisms in these past few days and weeks.  It is just hard to be able to find them at their house.  We have set a goal to baptize 4 people this month.  We don’t have anyone with a date as of now but hopefully we can work hard and make some miracles happen this week.

I am stoked for General Conference this week and hoping to receive some guidance.  I think we will be able to go and watch it in the stake center.  I am super grateful for prophets and apostles.  I am going to try this week to really give my all.

Love you,
Elder Crofts

Achupallas Zone Conference Pictures from the Vina Mission Blog

Music Leader

That completo just gets better every time

A sister from the ward made us a cake

We went a little too crazy with the chocolate

We had to make some adjustments for our trio

The sunset from Villa Independencia

Saw Elder Garcia at transfers

We go hard

Elder Brown, my new comp

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