Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015


So yesterday Elder Contreras and I were just walking along the sidewalk when a pit bull that looked like it was sleeping launched up and bit Elder Contreras´ leg.  It ripped his pants and Elder Contreras said if he was not wearing the name tag he would have killed the dog....haha. We had to go back to the pension to see if it was bleeding and to see if he would need the lovely rabies shots that go into the stomach.  We got there and it was a miracle.  His leg was super red but he was not bleeding.  His pants had a giant hole and his garments were pretty marked up but his leg was bruised but fine. Thank goodness for no stomach shots!  The garments really saved him.  My testimony of the temple covenants really has been strengthened in my time here in the mission.

So, some random lady that is a member in Viña always calls us.  I am pretty sure she is insane.  She has told us how a stake president had to kick her out of the chapel one time and she always talks to us about weird things.  We try to explain to her that she can’t talk to us on the phone but..... (crazy).  This week she called us saying she had a vision that a gringo missionary was sick.  She said that her feelings were something like that which Joseph Smith felt when he had his vision, that she couldn’t deny it.  She said that some white missionary was super sick and that we had to do something..... "Elders! which of the missionaries that you know is sick?!?!?!" .....after a few seconds 
"Hermana.... I know of ZERO missionaries that are sick at the moment" ........
"But elders!!! we have to do something! They are dying!"

So basically if you hear of a sick missionary that is at the point of dying in our mission and nothing has been done to prevent it let me know so I can find out if this lady is on to something..... 

So this week, we found 4 new investigators and have set 2 baptismal dates for the 22nd of this month.  One is named Veronica and the other is Hector.  The only problem is going to be that it is tough for them to be able come to church.  So hopefully we can make it happen.  Sebastian(13) really wants to be baptized but feels like he needs to know more and his mom wants him to come to church for 4 months to be able to be baptized.  We explained that he needs to have faith (not a perfect knowledge) and a desire to be baptized.  Knowledge is something that comes with time.  We are hoping to get him to talk with his mom so that she can see his maturity with the decision.  We found another investigator named Luis who has had a tough life.  10 Years ago his wife died and just last year his whole body was burned in a fire.  We started to teach the Plan of Salvation and he told us that when he was burned in the fire that he fell into a coma and that he saw the spirit world.  He basically explained a lot of the plan of salvation without ever being taught it.  So kinda cool.  Things are picking up and hopefully the people we have can keep progressing.  My district started this week with zero baptismal dates and finished with 5.  We found 19 new investigators and things are looking super good! 

Today, I was reading about the army of Helaman starting in Alma 56.  They were all young and inexperienced, never having used a weapon of war in their whole life.  But, they had faith, they trusted in the Lord and knew that the experience was not the important thing.  The only thing that matters is how much faith you have in the Lord and how much you trust in His sustaining power.  They had the attitude of "bring on the fight" and went and made things happen.  They fought with purpose.  Even though there were trials (enough that 200 of the 2000 fainted because of the loss of blood) they were true and faithful and in the end, they were saved.  I know that the Lord can make us a whole lot more than what we are.  I know that experience is not the key, but faith and endurance.  I know this church is true and I am grateful that I have the privilege to fight for the cause of my Heavenly Father, in the same way that the army of Helaman got to fight for theirs.  Thanks for all you do.  Well I sure do love you guys.  You always support me so well and I feel truly blessed to have such an awesome family.  Tell all the cousins and aunts and uncles and everyone that I love them.  Seeing the lack of support in my companions fam has really made me realize just how good I have it.
LOVE YOU!!!!! :) 

Elder Crofts
I was on an interchange with Elder Gonzalez from Mexico and we contacted a guy that was hitting some golf balls into the forest and he gave me a swing.
Let's just say I will need some practice.
I found a pretty cool tennis tie....tis the season

The hole in Elder Contreras' pants from the dog bite

Columbian food, Yummy

Waiting at the visa office. I am number 24 in line.

We finally got our stuff done with my visa.  There were a whole bunch of problems because I have "III" at the end of my name...hopefully it works out!

Our keys to get into the church need to be burned

Juanito. He always gives a whole chicken or something ridiculous for lunch. Love handles for life. 

He fell asleep watching a movie while I did the nightly calls.

Somebody was sleepy

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