Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas Punk……and a Happy New Year

Well I loved talking with you guys and it was interesting to use my English again. haha I am glad that everyone is doing great.  Elder Garcia’s 1st experience of Skype was a little different.  His family is having some problems and essentially they just cried the whole time.  His parents are separating and his brother his having personal problems.  He couldn’t talk with his mom because she had to work and essentially it was a mess.  It made me realize how blessed I am.  Thanks for all you do and for all the support.  Thanks SO much for the package and thanks for sending some stuff for Elder Garcia.  He hasn’t received anything so it made it a lot more comfortable.

Well.... people keep flaking out.  We finally got ahold of Josepe and he came to an activity that we had at the church and he LOVED it.  We had to leave early but he chose to stay a little longer because he liked it so much.  He asked us "so if someone wants to change from another religion to this one.... they can just do it?" haha He wants to be baptized but every time we pass by his house to bring him to church he is sleeping and doesn’t answer his phone.  This last week, we just decided to go all in and went and yelled through an open window to wake him up (risking getting yelled at by his beastly landlady) unfortunately....nothing happened and we went to church without an investigator.

Well, I had an awesome interchange with Elder Fernandez, our zone leader.  I learned a lot from him.  We went out into the country to teach a lesson with a recent convert.  After, we contacted this man who was outside of his house....peeing.  He came over to us (zipping up his pants in the process) and then stuck out his hand to introduce himself.  We hesitantly took his hand and I kid you not it was wet....he had to go back into his house to grab something so we hurried and pulled out the hand sanitizer, threw up a little bit and then put our game faces on.  We had a pretty good lesson and then invited him to be baptized.  He accepted! He was kind of an interesting guy but hopefully it works out for them! haha 

 I had a talk with Elder Garcia about consegracion (being consecrated) this week. I feel like he has been talking too much about his girlfriend so we talked about it and he was in agreement.  I want to "leave the nets" like Christ’s apostles. I hope to leave my all every day.  It made me think of what Tom Wood taught us about asking ourselves each day if we can "look up".  I know that if we give our very best every day, we can look up to our Heavenly Father and feel proud of ourselves for doing that which we know is right.  Every day is another day to prepare ourselves to return to our Heavenly Fathers presence. Thanks for all you do! Have an awesome year
Elder Crofts

Making Mom's no bake cookies.  Oh, you know I am happy

Racing to our Christmas Eve dinner

We got a new tie and a pair of socks
Elder Fernandez, our zone leader

Thanks for the package Mom & Dad and Amy for the letter and gifts

Thanks Liz and Trent. Loved it.

Gifts from my family from Japan
I made this for a family of recent converts.  It may not be Julie Boyer status but not bad. Ha-ha

Their little girls loved the gift and couldn't let go of it. Ha-ha

A member made me a cheesecake. Aint no problem sweety.

Well, I guess I really am related to Kristy

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