Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

My beloved fam,
Well, there sure are things to miss this lovely time of the year.  The traditions, the family and friends, the food  haha.  I hope you all enjoy! Well last week, I think I ate the first thing here that I really just did not like. One of the Hermana in the ward is a little.... special. haha Every week, she invites us for a family night. We pass by she makes us completos (hot dog with avacado, tomatoes, and mayo) She can’t seem to understand that mayo is not the main ingredient of this lovely combination.  Normally it is okay but this week she made homemade mayo..... and boy o boy was she generous with the portions.  Well I hurried and put it down the throat and loved every squishy bite of it.  After "Elder do you want more?"....."No thank you Hermana" and thus the first time that I said no to more food.  Well with the amount of mayo that the Hermana gives us and the bread that they eat in every meal (the bread is essentially insta fattener)  I now have more to love in my waste. ;) ha-ha not a lot but it is definitely enough to make me have to change something NOW. Haha So I am now cutting myself off from the "pancito (little bread)".  We are now starting to go out and run in the mornings.  Elder García can go a solid 50 meters without a break.  So what we started doing is we go to a park and I run in circles while he essentially sits there.. ha-ha hey fine by me.  I also have gotten LOTS weaker.  I tried to do pull-ups and normally I could do a solid 20 without too much effort.  The other day, I was struggling to do sets of 10! ha-ha so basically I am going to really start trying to improve my exercises. 

So this week, I was studying about revelation and out of the blue I found the scripture in D&C 128:15 that essentially says (talking about work for the dead in the temple) "and our dead cannot be perfected without us, and we cannot be perfected without them."  The spirit hit me like a freight train and I really could feel Papa watching out for me.  I know that he is working on us and helping us to be a little more perfected each day.

I love this work.  I think I need to work on enjoying every moment.  It is hard as missionaries because you really want to do your best.  You really want to surrender everything.  It is easy to get caught up in all of the rules and to forget that we need to take a moment to laugh things out.  I know that our Savior lives and loves us.  I am grateful for this awesome time of the year! Can’t wait to talk with you guys this week and I hope that you are all doing great! Keep in touch with the Daniels! I want to find out where the Hailey is headed when she gets her mission call! 
Love you all,
Elder Crofts

Elder Crofts & Elder Garcia

"Machines working"

Caution stepping to close just might lead to baptism & eternal life

District Elders

Mom, this scorpion was in my shoe and I almost died

Actually we found it dead on the street

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