Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Well this week was a little better.... no pants were soiled and we are working hard.
Elder Garcia is super awesome. He is really into art and music. Things I like but I am not quite as fanatic with it.  He has a strong testimony and wants to be the best he can he just needs more time to adjust.  It is hard for him to focus.... like during our planning sessions in the night I have looked over to see him with his agenda to the side and sketching faces.... I have told him a few times that planning is not the time but it happened again the other night so I had to set things straight. So his gift of art sometimes backfires a little bit because he doesn’t focus in at times and he likes to draw on everything. haha He is improving which is the key and I am trying to be more patient and to train him in the way Christ would do. It might not sound like it but we do get along well and he does listen to the counsel I have for him so we will see how the next few weeks are.

Well we tried to pass by to teach Rita’s daughter almost every day this week but we never could see her for different reasons.  Rita’s other daughter, Andrea, has her finals for school today and she has to get a good score to receive the scholarship she needs to study medicine because they don’t have much money.  We have been praying for her a lot.  We were going to pass by and give Andrea a blessing of comfort last night but they forgot about the appointment. Andrea told Rita that if all goes well on this test that she is going to be baptized.  The problem is that she won’t find out until January what her scores are. We have an appointment tonight so we are going to try to have them both be baptized December 14th.  I hope Andrea accepts because Rita wants them to be baptized the same day.  But Katty said she wants to be baptized by me.... and if we wait to the end of the month I might leave and it might be a little messy..... I don’t know if that makes sense but that is the dilemma. haha

So this week, we had a day with 2 lunch appointments.  The zone leaders forgot that we already had one and had another planned.  One of them was with a Hermana that gives A TON of food.  Like A TON.  I had to finish some of Elder Garcias and he still didn’t finish.  We left as stuffed as the turkeys that all of you ate on thanksgiving (It made me cry to think that I was not there to eat the thanksgiving dinner....not really but it is pretty depressing)

So we have a problem with contacting people and setting appointments and people not being there.  So we lose a lot of time with that.  We get super excited with a contact we have but then we can never find them.  We have one that looks more promising that we contacted the other day in the street.  He read what we gave him from the Book of Mormon and is super receptive. Hopefully all goes well.

Well....I am convinced I will die of happiness when I eat the food at home again because even eating a PB&J or a Subway (a member bought us it) makes me weak.  So even if I don’t gain weight in the mission, it’s probable that it will happen the first month back in the states. haha  Our average meal here is rice and chicken or noodles. It is tasty but we don’t get a huge variety! 

I love you all and will keep you in my prayers.  

Elder Crofts

He didn't know how to open a bag of bread.....

....ayee caramba

He also used black shoe polish for his brown shoes....ayee caramba

Intercambio with Elder Artiga from Guatemala.  Nothing like rootbeer with mac and cheese to bring that US vibe to Chile

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