Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014


This week I have learned a lot.  I am glad that everything went smoothly with Papas viewing and I hope that everyone is doing fine. 

We finally taught Josepe again.  He is SO awesome and wants to repent and feel closer to God.  It is just so hard to find him because he works so much.  He accepted the invitation to be baptized and wants to go to church with us.  We passed by for him Sunday morning and we were on the point of leaving but he got in a little argument with his land lady and ended up not being able to come.  His land lady is super Catholic and told Josepe she doesn’t want us to pass by anymore.  She lies to us when we ask if he is there and let’s just say Satan is working against us with Josepe.

So yesterday, this drunk guy came up to us and started talking to me about “the illuminate” and how I need to go and tell all of the people in the US to cut it out.  He told me to not be such a racist and leave his people alone. hahaha He started talking about money and other things that cause problems in the world.  I then interrupted him and said "oh and drugs for sure". haha he took a short pause and then went on to talk about how drugs are a good thing and resolve problems in the world. (As he is walking in the street without a shirt and a big old cross on the chest and a cigar in the hand).  So I guess my whole life I have been misunderstood.... drugs actually HELP us.  All we need do is believe in Christ and he will come down in a floating cloud to lift us up with him. haha This man would classify in those who say "eat drink and be merry" haha. I also had my first Buddhist contact.... holy confusing.  I don’t know how you did it Amy. haha He did say that I was wiser than my companion.  He concluded this by the shape of my ear lobes...... maybe he is on to something ;) 

Well I think we are going to have Katterins baptism the 27th? I don’t know. We are having a lot of difficulty finding people to teach.  We are going to start making appointments with only the people we feel are really interested because we lose SO much time trying to pass by for these people.

Our mission is going through a big change.  All of the key indicators that have been preached, like scripture are changing.  We are only going to keep track of baptisms and church attendance.  They are doing this to focus on reactivating the people and really strengthening the wards.

I love you guys. I have been blessed with a family better than all the rest! It is a bummer to not be with you guys in this the best time of the year but I am happy to be doing the work of the Lord.  I know this church is true. I know Christ lives and that he is the best gift that we could ever receive. I am trying to improve every day and reach my full potential as a missionary.  I love you guys.

Elder Crofts
Waiting in front of the church for our ward mission meeting
Cut my own hair! Maybe not Lori Dalton status but not too bad!
Bring on the baptisms

Out in Colmo

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