Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

Suffer the Children to Come to Me!

What a great week! We have a lot of people we are working with and are seeing the church attendance increase a lot! Sadly, they closed Punitaqui and La Chimba and they will now be attending in our church! So.... we will be having even more people at church on Sunday! haha

Some quick highlights of the week:

1. We are activating a sister named Lorena Adaros.  She has 3 kids.  The oldest is 15 and is already baptized and the others are 7 and 3.  The 7 year old is AWESOME.  He reads Gospel Principles for fun and the other day he taught us about the fall of Adam and Eve! haha he said "I always want to be a Mormon.... and when I have kids.... they are going to be Mormons too." what a stud! 

2. We found an awesome family this week named the Vera Monardes family. They have two daughters (17 and 20) and the dad is out of town every other week for work so we will teach him on Wednesday. Tears filled the 20 year olds eyes as we shared a video with them and taught a lesson.  There was a sweet spirit.  We set a baptismal date with the Mom, Carmen, for the 21st.  I have a good feeling about this family and I feel they are going to progress! Pray for them! 

3. Last night we stopped by a less active family that is going through a lot of problems.  They have 4 little kids and are in the process of a divorce.  The two oldest kids are 9 and 8 and already were baptized.  When we got there, the parents and all of the grandparents that were there had a huge argument outside.  We were left inside with the two oldest kids and our ward mission leader.  We didn’t know what to do so we started to sing hymns with them.  We sung about 4 or 5 then had to go.  There was a sweet spirit and I felt so grateful that we could be there to help them out.

This week, I thought of Christ when he was asleep at sea with his apostles in the middle of a storm.  Can you imagine sleeping through the middle of a storm on a small fisherman boat? He must have been soaked and there must have been a ton of noise but he didn’t move a muscle.  He must have been EXHAUSTED.  He literally wore away His life in service of others.  In moments where I am tired and feel I can´t give more, I know I can with His help and for His cause.  I am excited for another week of being a missionary.  There is no better place to be.

Les quiero,

Elder Crofts

Ps.... see you on Sunday! 
Happy 20th Birthday!

Zone Conference!

They surprised us with a nice little cake for our birthday!
Interchanges with Elder McAllister

That fruit is called Macaqui...when it is not fully matured it numbs and dries out your mouth and it is a weird feeling.  Elder McAllister was not a fan.

Juan made us lunch....

....surprisingly it wasn't bad! Haha

Our branch president surprised me for my b-day with an "once" and also gave me a good looking tie!

The Jones gave me cinnamon rolls

I made some Indian Chapati bread! 

It turned out well!

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