Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016


Starting with the biggest miracle of the week, we had 135 people in church on Sunday.  It was SO full! It was great! I have seen so many miracles here in Ovalle.  We had an investigator in Church from Punitaqui.  She is 15 and will be baptized but it is just hard to teach her often.  It might take a couple of weeks.

I had an interchange this week with Elder Winward who ends his mission this month.  We ended the interchange by getting together in the town square. Wouldn’t you know that the one day it rains here in Ovalle we ended up having the Elders phone by accident so we had to run all through town getting soaked trying to find them.  Well, that makes washing our clothes a whole lot easier. Ha-ha  I never would have imagined running so much in church clothes before the mission.  It is just a normal thing for me now.

This week, I am really going to try to focus on being grateful and remembering Christ always.  It is so cool being a missionary and sharing with people about Him all day.  I have come to realize as I see people change and come closer unto Him that the only way to be truly happy is giving ourselves up to Him.

Love you all!
Elder Crofts

Mission Interviews. The 3 assistants and all of our purple ties!
I made pancakes!

Hermana Diaz left us with some treats!

Nothing like a nice long completo to end the day!

We got pretty soaked by the rain.

We ate a type of seafood called "loco" that was really tasty

and "pepino dulce" (sweet cucumber)
Mission Leadership Conference April 22, 2016

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