Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Oh man of little faith.....

So yesterday as we set goals for the week, my companion said "baptisms..... one."  I then went on to say that we had no one with enough attendances or with enough of the teachings in order to be baptized and that I had a lot of faith in Christ but that I would not set a goal just to have a number.  This morning, we received a phone call from the secretary of the mission telling us that a woman named Clyde moved here from Antofagasta and that she had already received almost all of the teachings and various attendances and she wants to be baptized.  It was a giant slap to the face and the quote from Elder Holland "If I want fish, I can GET fish" came to my mind. So looks like we will probably be having a baptism this week. haha thank goodness for Elder Barlow´s faith! 

Can I just say how amazing the Gospel is and how much it blesses families.  This week we found out that the Huitrañan family was just about to split up.  Jorge and Perla almost never talked to each other when they were both at home and she was about to take her kids and just go.  She said the other day she was reading the Book of Mormon and just got a strong feeling that it was true and that she had to stay with Jorge.  The other day, as we walked with them, he had his arm around her as they walked.  They were holding hands and both were just SO happy.  They are progressing really well.  We are working with some of their friends to try and get them baptized.  We have two baptismal dates for the 17th of April! Rocio and Soledad....keep them in your prayers

Today, I read 4th Nephi.  How cool is it that they had almost 200 years of complete peace.  I can’t think of any time in history when any people have been so free of conflict.  The Gospel blesses families and societies.  Gospel principles bring happiness.... it is just as easy as that.  I love this church and I know that it is true.  I know that Christ lives.  Hopefully we can think more about and strive to become more like Him.

Su hijo, hermano y amigo,
Elder Crofts
President & Hermana Diaz came up for our district conference!! :)
They are so great!

Interchanges with Elder Clifford

He forgot his shoes. Haha

Some tasty empanadas!! :)

That is a nice tan line!

Your newest police officers folks

The Aguilar Family! Miguel is doing really well after his baptism.

They made us some mango juice from Ecuador.

Hermana Diaz did a good turn daily and brought us a HUGE chocolate bar and yes...that is right....ROOT BEER!!!!!

I love that woman!

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