Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 25, 2016

Con las pilas puestas  (With batteries charged)

So Guillermo was not baptized on Sunday.  He couldn’t come to church because he had to stay home to take care of his dad who has Alzheimer’s and wasn’t feeling so good.  He tried to get someone else to take care of him but all of his family members were out of town.  The bad news.... he didn’t get baptized.... the good news.... he is ready and excited to be baptized next Sunday! :) He has changed SO much.  I am just amazed about how much the gospel and the atonement change us.

I am really grateful to have Elder Call as a companion.  We are really trying to work hard and be creative.  He now just has one month left so we are working with everything we have! He is so great! 

This week, I “ponderized”  Mosiah 4:2.   I love how the gospel can take something so filthy and corrupted and make it into something pure, wholesome and good.  I just love my Savior so much.  I feel like for a while I would beat myself up for not being more like Him or the person I felt I should be.  The mission really has helped me learn the importance of loving God, trying your best, and learning from your mistakes.  I hope you all have a great week! Pray for Guillermo! 

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Crofts
Replica de Zona

We had a ping pong tourney.....guess who came out as the champ?  Yours truly! :)

The way back from one of the branches called Punitaqui

We got locked out of our pension and had to climb it....haha
Out lovely pension!

Sorry if this video doesn't play for you. If you would like to see it just message Bobby's sister Kristy!

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