Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey Fam! 

I got the second package this week!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It was great! Nothing like Christmas in mid January. haha  You asked if I used the gym at the Marriott in Santiago. OH YEAH! We used that gym.  We woke up nice and early Tuesday morning.  I did 15 minutes really intense on the bike and then we got doing weights.  My chest and arms were sore until Friday or Saturday! haha I might have over done it but I got really excited! 

Well, after a crazy week we are excited to get to work! Thursday and Friday night we slept on a bus because we had to go to Viña for a leaders meeting so we have been a little tired these last few days but we are doing great! Even though we had FOUR DAYS outside of our sector, the Lord has really blessed us and we have seen a lot of miracles.  Guillermo is progressing and still has his baptismal date for this Sunday but we might postpone it a week, depending on how we feel he is doing.  He has a sincere desire to change.  It is so cool to see how the gospel has changed him.  Ana is also doing great.  She really has become more responsible and obedient in this last month or so.  She also is being a better mother and I think she will have a calling here shortly! We also have struggled to work well with the church leaders here but it looks like things are starting to improve! Hopefully we can get Ovalle on its way to being a stake! 

Today, I was reading in the Book of Mormon where Abinadi is teaching King Noah and his priests.  He basically tells them how it is and says that they haven’t applied their hearts to the Gospel. As I thought about how we can better apply our hearts, I realized that we need to BE where we ARE.  If we are in sacrament meeting, our mind and heart needs to be there.  If we are reading the scriptures, we need to really be there if we hope to get anything out of it.  I remember on Sunday driving to Grandma´s house and Dad and Mom would sometimes ask "what did you learn today?" uhhhhhhhhhh... and I would really have to think about it to remember.  It made me think about the mission and how now that I am here in the mission, ALL of me has to be in the mission.  I know it is going to be a great week and that we are going to make things happen.  I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week! 

Les Quiero muchísimo!
Elder Crofts

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