Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well I am pretty sure I have said before that I don’t like dogs here in the mission.... well just in case, I don’t like dogs in the mission. haha The other day we left a family night with the bishop and right as I stepped outside of his fence, a little rat dog came up and bit my calf.  Luckily, my mission-toned calves were so firm that the dog almost broke his jaw and ran away like a little girl. :)  No, it didn’t bite me hard and I didn’t even have a mark on my leg so everything turned out alright.  

My companion is the opposite, he LOVES dogs.  He always is petting them and showing them some love.  The other day we were waiting outside a less actives house when he started to pet a dog.  After a minute or so, my companion got distracted and was looking up in the sky.  Suddenly, I saw the dog come close to him, lift up its leg, and start to pee on my companion´s shoe. hahaha I almost fell over I started to laugh so hard. So that´s about it for dogs as a missionary;  The mean ones bite, and the nice ones pee on you.  The take home message? Stay away from the dogs.

So it looks like my Thanksgiving wasn´t quite the same as yours.  Nobody celebrates it here but still every house we entered on Thursday gave us food.  We were stuffed and I really had NO desire to keep eating.  Just when we thought we couldn´t be any fuller, another person would give us more food.  So I guess my after feeling might have been about the same but it sure wasn’t the same as a Thanksgiving turkey dinner! 

Well I know I talk about him every week but Humberto is awesome! He finished the Book of Mormon and has now read one of the church´s manuals about the priesthood and is half way done on the second. What an AWESOME guy.

Well sorry for making this email a little long but just one more thing.  The other day I was studying in “Preach My Gospel” and it told me to write about my thoughts on the purpose of the mission.  As I thought about why I am here, I realized that I came because I love God and I love and want to serve those around me.  Looking back now on this past year and 5 months, I have come to realize that the person that has been served the most is me.  I love the mission and it is definitely the most selfish thing that I could have done in my life. The Lord really does immediately bless us as we do His will.  I love you all so much! 

Que tengan una buena semana! (Have a good week)
Elder Crofts

Humberto is awesome!

Family Night with the Bishop's family

Interchange with Elder Mcmurtrey

Our last district meeting least the dog has good aim

Let's get cutting

La Familia Bernales. He is our Ward Mission Leader and she's the Relief Society President. What great people!

Elder Brock's last day in the mission!

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