Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015

Humberto is the CHAMP!

Hola queridos!!! 

Well it was a crazy week with zone conference and other activities in our stake! Some of the highlights of this week:

Humberto taught part of the class in gospel principles on Sunday.  He called us throughout the week and had us pass by his house so he could practice and prepare himself.  He taught about the signs of the second coming and did an AWESOME job. On Sunday morning, he left his keys locked inside of his house and didn’t have his key to open the HUGE spiked fence that surrounds his house.  He tried calling one of his neighbors that has a spare key but they didn’t answer.  So what did this determined, 61 year old man do? He tried to climb the fence to get to church on time.  It was a challenge, but guess who was in the church 15 minutes early ready to give their part of the lesson.  That´s right, HUMBERTO! He is so awesome and it looks like he will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood this Sunday in zone conference.  So that is basically the highlight of this week.

In zone conference, we had an activity where we had to come up with a cheer or chant.  I had two Polynesians in my group so what did we do? The Haka! I still remembered it from having done it in sports in high school.  I remember how the Atagi´s told me I had to do it with the scariest face I could, have my tongue out and make a whole lot of noises.  So that is exactly what I did. haha.   Let’s just say it wasn’t even close... we won :) 

I just started the Book of Mormon again and I am studying about the Godhead, justice, and mercy.  I only am in 1 Nephi 3 but already have learned so much.  God loves us so much.  All of His blessings are available to ALL of His children.  If we come unto Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, He will pour the blessings down upon us.  I love being a missionary.  I love the Lord and I am trying to convert myself more and more every day to this amazing gospel.  Have an awesome week! Love you guys!

Elder Crofts
The sisters continued teaching their investigator even though they are now in our sector.  So, I guess it a baptism for all of us according to President Diaz.
I don't know...we just showed up and I did his confirmation . It was my first time doing it!

Saw my pal Elder Ashcraft in the zone conference we had!

This is the fence that Humberto had to jump. I repeat, HUMBERTO IS THE MAN!

Family Night

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