Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well fam not lots of time today!!! 

We had an investigator (Carmen) in church yesterday! This was the first time in a few months.  She doesn’t understand all that well but has said that she wants to be baptized.  She lives with an inactive member who is not at all interested and they aren´t married.  It is going to be a process but I think we can help her get there! Something funny that happened was we were sitting in the sacrament meeting as they passed the sacrament.  She calmly took the bread but when they came around with the water she loudly said to me.  "But I just ate breakfast! I don’t want to take water!!!" I then explained that she didn’t have to do it and she calmed down a little bit. haha

The other day we had contacted quite a few people and didn’t have much success.  We had passed by the majority of our plans and nothing.  We were on our way to an appointment when we crossed through an intersection.  A 35 ish year old woman was walking in the opposite direction.  As we continued and turned onto the street of our appointment I felt powerfully "You. get back there."  I told my companion and we went back to talk with her.  She was a woman who had come to visit her parents.  She had been baptized a time back but has been inactive for years.  She told us that she has thought about coming back to church and especially recently has felt the need to do so but that she had not found the courage to do it.  We testified to her of how much God loves her and how ready He is to have her come back.  We wrote down her address and we are going to pass it on to Santiago.  That feeling I had was almost the same feeling I had when I got the prompting to go back and talk to the Gomez family.  I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the constant guide that God gives us.  We do so little but sometimes. He just places people in our path and says "alright.... I got them this far.... now go talk to them."  I don’t know why it has been so hard to find success in our sector but I am so grateful for my calling and for the amazing blessing of being a missionary.  There is nothing better! 

Love you all! Have an amazing week! 
Elder Crofts

Say hello to CHORILLANA. Yum

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