Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

“God bless American Cooking”

Hola queridos! 

So last week, we decided we wanted to go and eat at an “all you can eat” place to just have a good time.  Here in Chile buffets are called "tenador libre" or "free fork".  We got to the place and I started to ask them about the food and the price and they said "oh actually, we don’t have the buffets on Monday because we don’t get the food until Tuesday." As I continued to ask questions, I found out that it was only open from 1-4, it was expensive, and you couldn’t even choose the food that you wanted.  The chef decides what food the waitress would bring to you and they only brought small portions at a time.  PASS.... here in the mission we use the word "trunky" for people who want to be in their home.  Seeing the quality of the buffets here sure made me "trunky" as I thought of Chuck-A-Rama, Rodizio Grill and Lucky Buffet.  "Free fork?????"  No more like an imprisoned fork!   haha no I am not trunky but I sure am grateful for the good old food in the USA!..... AMERICA!!! 

We have a senior couple in the mission named Elder y Hermana Cluff.  Hermana Cluff broke her hip a month or so ago and was planning to stay in the mission until the 1st of December.  Instead of going home, she said "I want to stay in the mission and finish the calling that the Lord has given me."  She not only is going to stay in the mission, but has extended to January.  She won’t be home for Christmas with the grandkids or kids and just wants to keep serving where the Lord needs her and her husband! What great examples! 

I am grateful for Humberto and the Gomez family.  Yeah the truth is that every time I see them I feel so blessed.  I really did so little to find and convert them and I feel like the fruits of my labors aren´t as much as what I might have hoped but I am learning to be happy with what the Lord is giving me and doing my best to be my best. has been REALLY hard to get the work going here.  I feel like for a long time in my mission I have been disappointed with the numbers, lack of lessons and the lack of progress in the places I have been.  It has been tough to accept that some people just don’t want to listen.  Last night, as I reflected before going to bed on the week and on my efforts, I just felt a warm, comforting feeling and knew that the Lord is pleased with my efforts and desires.  I realized that there might be a few things that I need to improve and I know I haven´t been perfect in my efforts,  but I really am trying my best to be my best.  I love the mission and I am grateful that the Lord has put me here in this mission.  I love Chile and I love the Chileans.  Every day I am trying to increase my faith and make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.  I love you all and I am grateful for your emails and your support!  Thanks for everything.  I really thank God every day for the blessing of having such a great family.

Elder Crofts

Last day in a trio with Elder Puefua!

Spring time here in Chile and flowers are all over

Looks like Chile is really helping me to "Blossom."....

...get it?  Because they are flowers.

The sunset from the other day!

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