Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

¿Que pasa calabaza? (What’s happening pumpkins?)

Hey fam! how’s it going? Everything is going great here! I am getting a little wet because I just left my umbrella in a taxi and it is raining a lot! haha so that is great but hopefully I can find a new one! 

Last week we had a zone activity.  It was Elder Choez´s last P-day in the mission so I wanted to do something nice for him so we made a GIANT PIZZA.  It was the biggest I think I have ever seen.  It says in Handbook 2 of the church that we are not allowed to cook in the church´s kitchen so we had to be a little creative and cook the pizza in like a homemade oven/fire invention that we made.  We made one huge pizza and had some left over ingredients so I decided to make a Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was a blast.  I really have come to love cooking in the mission! 

We are still struggling to find people to teach.  This week, we found a new investigator named Carmen.  I think her home is one of the poorest I have ever entered.  She has diabetes and a whole bunch of other health problems and it is a little hard for her to understand all of the stuff that we teach her so we are trying to teach in a simple way that really invites the spirit! 

We had a ward activity on Friday.  We did a dessert activity.  It was a competition so I decided to give mom´s chocolate marshmallow brownies a try.  I only got a "special mention" for the brownies but Elder Avila told me that he talked with the judges and they wanted to give me 2nd place but decided not to because we (as missionaries) had planned the activity.  So way to go Mom! Your recipe is a definite winner! 

The GOMEZ FAMILY is going great! Their aunt lives in our sector ( not very interested) so we ran into them by chance.  It really makes me feel so good every time I see them. They were the ones I contacted and were baptized.  It makes me want to contact and talk with everyone I see.  The Mom is talking with a member that lives in the states (because she is divorced)  They met each other through Mormon chat!!! They are loving the church and are all so firm! Esefenia (the daughter) drew a picture of me while we were talking with her mom.

I am doing really well! I realized this week that there are a few small things that I can do to be a little more obedient.  I love President Eyrings talk "Called by God".  He talks a lot about obedience and makes a specific promise to obedient missionaries.  I am trying to change and turn myself over to God.  I love Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for his sacrifice for me.  There is still so much I don’t understand and so much I want to improve but I am grateful for all of the things that the Lord has blessed me with.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Crofts
The GOMEZ FAMILY. It just shows the importance of opening your mouth and talking to everybody.
The picture she drew of me.

Master Chef Crofts ready for duty.

Nothing like red neck engineering to get a pizza cooking

I even made a homemade pizza sauce....YUM.

MMM.....MMMMMM Good.

Interchange with Elder Pereira. Love that guy! What a nut.

District meeting

Mom's brownies!!!

Lunch with the Torres family

Sebastiain Navarrete!

He served a mission to Idaho.

We are in a threesome until Wednesday because Elder Puefa's companion finished his mission. Elder Puefa is in the middle.

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