Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015

Well family, how are you doing?  I WAS doing great until I found out that some of my sisters have  boyfriends. haha  I thought that the Lord would "take care of my family" but it looks like other people are helping me with that part.... haha well be smart, be virtuous and BE PATIENT.  None of you have the brother’s approval until July 2016! :)

It was a good week.  I received a lot of guidance and revelation in conference and the mission leaders council that we had on Friday.  I realized that I have been complicating my discipleship and dedication a little bit too much and just need to focus on doing my best, loving God, and loving the experiences that He is giving me.  I might not have as many baptisms as others, but I am working hard and am determined to increase my faith and my love for God´s work and for all those around me.  "Come what may and love it."   I sure am loving my mission!  Last night after conference we were able to give out 3 Book of Mormons!  All 3 of them were pretty receptive and it looks like 2 of them (a mother and her 16 yr old daughter) don’t live in our area.  It sucks not seeing the process of conversion but I sure love being a sewer of seeds! 

I loved the talks from conference and look forward to studying them again.  I loved all of President Uchtdorf´s talks, Elder Maynes, Elder Hales, Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, the 3 testimonies of the new apostles and President Eyring’s talks!  There is a lot to apply and put in practice.  I loved Elder Holland’s talk and Elder Nelson´s talk about mothers and women.  I LOVE you mom.  You are the best and really have lifted me up!  I owe you so much!  I am doing my best to be deserving of an awesome woman like you! 

Well that is about all this week! I hope that you all have a great week! 

Un abrazo!

Elder Crofts

P.S..... that whole boyfriend thing was serious..... JULY 2016

Zone Activity!

A member's bathroom looks like my future bathroom.

Looks different than the missionary shower

My healthy as healthy breakfast: 2 eggs, boiled broccoli and carrots, & tuna. Yummy, yummy!

Family night fun!

Humberto is a champ! He came to ALL of the sessions and was 30 minutes early for each one. He is AWESOME :)

Elder Brock

Our lovely grandparents here in the ward! Pedro and Julia were baptized 5 years ago and are really active! What great examples!

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