Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014

Mi querida familia y amigos,

We had a great week! We have been teaching a 55 year old named Rita for all of my time here.  She was never really progressing and never assisted at church but really was good.  Last week, we were teaching her the plan of salvation.  We talked about the spirit world and how we will go there before we were resurrected.  She shared a story with us and talked about how her father died and how much she loved him.  We talked about how he can still have the chance to accept the gospel.  We explained a little about temples and how those in the spirit world are teaching the gospel to those who never had the chance in this life.  She was blown away by this. We finally found her need!!!! We told her she could do his work for him if she first was baptized herself.  At this time, she still didn't want to be baptized because she knows she will have to attend church every Sunday.  We told her that if she wants these blessings for herself and her father, she needs to take this step of faith.  We invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to know if this is what she should do.(something we have done before but she always prayed without reading)  We returned two days later to bring her to the adult session of stake conference.  She said to us after a few minutes at her house "Elders.... i got it, i got my answer!!!" she was honestly glowing. She read that night and prayed. She said when she got her answer the next day and she just started bawling and went and offered a prayer of thanks.  There was such a dramatic change in her countenance it was unreal.  She said "so we are still planned for the 9th for my baptism right?" ....ugh....YES!!!! she was inviting people to her baptism and is really so excited.  The difference: we gave her a reason to change.

So for some reason we keep finding people from Australia that are visiting.  We were talking with this woman and I kept switching back into Spanish trying to talk to her.  If This is how I am after 3 months I am in big trouble here in 21. haha the Burtons might have a legit Mexican working in their yard.  but really,,,, i thought of myself in college in my first English class and it wasn't a pretty sight... haha

So we have a zone leader from Argentina.  In an interchange I had with him he told me "oh elder crofts... when you are a zone leader you are NEVER going to have enough money because of all the traveling you do..."  He had ZERO money in his account at this time.  The next day we received about 40 bucks in our cards and the first thing he does is buy an alfajor and an empenada. haha he then went and bought a bag of chips and some Dr pepper. He didn't finish the bag of chips and gave it to some kids playing soccer in the street.  I think he had about 15 or 20 bucks left that were supposed to last him another ten days I am so grateful dad that you taught me how to take care of my money. haha We are trying to teach him the importance of SAVING. haha 

Well I am grateful to be a missionary.  I know the church is true now more than ever!  There is strength in living worthy of covenants and promised blessings.  I am trying to read a part of my patriarchal blessing each night and it is helping me a lot to stay focused in what Heavenly Father expects of me. I am doing great and sending love your way!  Love you guys and hope you had a great trip!!!
Elder Crofts
We had some lunches that fell through and every time they just bought us some pizzas...  alright if you insist

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