Friday, November 14, 2014

November 10, 2014

Alright so this week we are moving pensions so we have literally no time!!! A short little update....Rita’s baptism will not be until this Saturday because she had a little slip in the word of wisdom and she felt super bad about it.  She wasn’t going to be able to go to church yesterday because she was going to visit her mom. We were super bummed.  We were fasting for her that she could stay strong this week and still have the desire to be baptized.  She is normally a person who is really tired and sleeps a lot.  But come Monday morning she woke up at 630 and had no desires to sleep anymore.  She left with her 11 year old daughter and made it just in time to go to church.  The Lord blesses us for our sacrifices!!! We are going to try to start working with her two daughters but the problem is that they are always studying.

So there is a family here who are not members but have a son serving a mission in Brazil.  They miss him a ton and it is super hard for them.  We have been teaching them and I think they personally believe that the church is true because of the example of the son and how happy he is. The sister of the missionary started crying as we were teaching them and said how much I reminded her of her brother. How I look, act, smile everything. (at this point we were reading the story of the tree of life). I felt the spirit super strong and testified to her that the reason I am here is be the person like Lehi to invite them to the tree of life and partake of the fruit.  That although her brother might not be here to do it.  The Lord sent someone who he knew would remind them of her brother.  We would have invited them to be baptized but we had a member who is a recent convert who just started talking and talking about his conversion and about the word of wisdom, the law of chastity, name it he started to talk about it.  Although the invitation wasn’t extended, we know they felt the spirit and hopefully we can set a date this week.

Don’t send shoes! I am going to try to kill the ones that are wearing out and then just wear my Rockports once these ones die.  I also am going to have a problem with suitcases because one of the wheels is already starting to die because the sidewalks here are like the Rocky Mountains.  There is nothing now I  think that you can do.  I still haven’t gotten your package but I just got one from the Mitchies! Tell them thanks so much and I am going to write them soon.  Hopefully, I have more time next week to talk but sorrry I am out of time.  If we have more time later in the day I will send some pics but we are in the process of moving so sorry! I love you guys a lot and miss you more than I thought I would but I am loving being a missionary!!!

Sorry not much time but I love you!
Elder Crofts
Nothing like chili dogs in Chile!
Come on, we all knew it was coming at some point with how much I love to eat
Our new pension is basically 5 star compared to our old one where I couldn't even extend my arms

We have an electric oven!!  Too good to be true! Mom send recipes.

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