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October 20, 2014
Well Buenos Días!!!!
This week was a good one! We are really working hard to find people who want to know more.  There are a lot of "tranquilo" people here who believe in Christ and are catholic "pero en mi manera".  We are working really hard to have good contacts and show people the importance of the Book of Mormon in answering there problems in life.  Because if the Book of Mormon is true and they get a testimony of that, then we can really work with them. 
So yesterday we had a great day planned.  We had 5 appointments set up, which is really good for a sunday.  But 4 of the 5 fell through.  I honestly felt stumped and didnt know what we were going to do.  We passed by the house of an antiguo investigator and he wasnt there.  As we were walking a few blocks away we saw him and he invited us to come to his house.  We taught him and I guess he was baptized a year ago.... but never got confirmed.  He has a testimony that this is the true church but just strayed...i dont know... haha so he wants to come back but this time do it right.  So we are going to work with him and hopefully he will feel prepared to be baptized the next month.  We are hoping for the 12th.  He is very religious and is going to come with us this sunday to stake conference.  It should be good!
We had a baptisimal date for an investigator named catalina for the 2nd of november.  We showed up saturday night to teach her and just as we arrived she was "leaving to buy bread" so we went in and waited and talked with her fatherinlaw who is a recent convert for about 30 minutes but she never came back.  We just shared a message with carlos then left. I was a little bugged because we brought a few members and had a good lesson planned!  She didnt show up at church the next day either.  Agency has to be the worst greatest gift we have. haha I think that is the hardest part about being a missionary.  Doing all you can to help people just to have them reject it all.  But it is great to be a missionary and I love it.  There are some tough days but overall being a missionary is the greatest thing I have ever done.  Even if there is not much success I know I am doing all I can to bring people to Christ.

So earlier in this week we had a lesson with this same Catalina. Two days before this we talked with her and about how Amy is serving in Japan.  We talked about how she loves sushi. She is a really good cook and said that she would have sushi for us.  So we taught her, laughed a little,  came a little closer to Christ,  put a fecha for a baptism, then ate some sushi.  For just a brief second... I think there was a link from Heaven to this home. SUCCESS.  If only all lessons went like this....It made me think of how you guys will be going to be pick up amy from Japan! Super jealous but I wouldnt be anywhere else.  I decided I would take a pic eating sushi with the fam because I would be missing out on it ;)
So our bishop was a seventy (obispo Reyes).  Yesterday after sacrament meeting he felt he should cover a few things with all of the members.  So we basically had a 40 minute lecture by him that was pure power! He talked about that to judge, talk negatively, or even think bad about other people is a sin.  And if we do this we are not worthy to enter the temple.  He talked about the importance of charity for ALL men and it really was like sitting in general conference. haha He definitely set the standard.

Well I am learning lots: How to make good food in our pension with the simplest of ingredients, make dogs realize that they dont mess with missionaries, and most importantly how to really help people come unto Christ.  I love you friends and family and I am grateful for all of your examples.  Keep the success in Concon B in your prayers.

Elder Crofts

Picture of me eating sushi, Good luck in Japan. I'll be thinking of you
Elder Marroquin & I enjoying sushi
Ain't got no problem with a little romantic sunset shot with me and the comp
Zone Conference with Sister Kahnlein

We don't have an oven

I tried to make chocolate oatmeal cookies, FAIL

We did make killer chocolate oatmeal pancakes with bananas so if you want the recipe hit me up

Zone conference with Vina & Vina Oeste


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