Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 17, 2014

First Baptism!!! Rita got baptized Saturday morning.  She chose to have me baptize her and it was awesome! She was so excited, giddy and nervous! She felt the spirit really strong and loves being a member of the church.  She already has a friend she wants to share the gospel with who is passing through similar problems as her! It was awesome to perform the ordinance and I am super grateful for the experiences I am having!

Well.... Elder Marroquin is on his way back to Guatemala. Right now, I am staying with the zone leaders until cambios on Wednesday.  So it is pretty set that I am staying here in Concon but we will see!!! I hope to baptize 5 this next month (Rita’s two daughters, her friend, and then some other investigators that we have).  The problem is that we never can find people at their house.  People are almost always working until late in the night.  So contacting people daily like we would like is not a possibility.  We have an investigator that almost had a baptismal date that we haven’t seen for two weeks and I think she has lost her interest.  This change is almost going to be like starting over.  We don’t have anyone who is really progressing and we will have to work hard!

So we only get packages at zone conferences every month.  The zone leaders go the 1st Friday of the month for a meeting in Viña and we have our zone conference the following Wednesday.  So I will know nothing of the package you sent until December.  The only one I have received up to now is the one that Liz sent. As far as Skype goes, we can plan it with the members so yeah we should be fine to do it Christmas day!!!

I am starting to get more of a stomach. We don’t have sufficient time to exercise and keep my metabolism like it used to be. This change, I am going to try to make my companion run with me. I weight 76 kilos (167 lbs.) but I have lost muscle and gained that is pretty cool or not.

So Kristy has had more success with the Chileans than I have had with the New Zealanders....haha. We are renting our apartment from a New Zealander and when we got there, all of the rooms were dirty, there were smudges on the wall, and the kitchen had yummy sticky stuff.  He said he was going to clean it before he left but nope! So this week was pretty crazy moving in, organizing things, getting stuff ready for Elder Marroquin to leave, cleaning and trying to focus all in on the work.  But things are starting to settle a little bit and I hope to really consecrate myself to the work!

I am learning that the spirit is everything in missionary work and the only way to have the spirit is to be exactly obedient, work harder than anyone else, and to be humble.  I am working hard to always have the spirit with me! I love the mission and baptizing Rita was definitely one of the best things I have done in my life! I love it here and I hope all is well back at home!
Elder Crofts
Rita got baptized on Saturday.

"Well if I can't hug you guys at least I can do this." Ha Ha

Elder Marroquin has returned to Guatemala

Rita's support group at the baptism
Life is good when food is good

Our old mamita! She is leaving for St. George next month.

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