Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014
Well hello,
This week was a good one! The work is progressing one step at a time.  We only have one investigator (Rita) with a baptismal date for this Sunday.  She is super excited and we just committed her last night to stop drinking tea.  It was super cool.  She knows that this church is true and is willing to leave behind things to be a part of it.  We still need to teach her tithing and the sabbath day.... I think these two will be the hardest for her so hopefully all goes as planned and she feels the need to do it!  She chose me to baptize her so the next Pday you should be expecting a pic of little old Elder Crofts here dressed in white! wahoo!
So we had two kind of crazy experiences this week.  One was we were walking and passing by to try and teach different people and were finding absolutely zero success.  We didn't know where to go but felt that maybe if we went to pass by for a person we havent seen for awhile that we could find it.  The person was not at their house but we saw a 60ish year old lady sitting on a bench in the park and decided to go talk to her.  She just broke down and talked about how her two 30 year old daughters were beating her and she doesn't feel love from anybody and doesn't know what to do.  We testified of a loving Heavenly Father and of his desire for her to feel his love and to be happy.  The spirit was there.  She thanked us for being "messengers from God".  We had an appointment with her at the church but she didn't show up....although we might not teach her again I know a seed was planted.
The other happened yesterday.  We were returning from a lunch in the campo (field or country) when we saw a car that was wrecked on the side of the road.  We went over and there were some police and a bunch of people freaking out.  There was a man laying about 10 feet from his car with people trying to help him and his wife that was stuck in the passenger seat.  We went and offered a blessing to the man laying on the ground and he accepted.  We gave the blessing and were going to go offer one to the wife but the ambulance arrived and we couldn't do anymore so we left.  We don't know the result of what looked pretty bad and bloody....but we did our part and gave a priesthood blessing.  It made me think of the Elder Holland video about how we should always be worthy to exercise the priesthood power that we have.
So Horacio, our 87 year old investigator....well I don't know how we can help him to progress. haha he is as physically healthy an 87 year old that i have seen and mentally....well I cant decide.  We teach him and as soon as one of us stops talking he says "oh you guys really are such examples.  The world needs more young people like you....I mean walking all day and preaching the word of god...." things like this every time one of us stops talking.  And every time we invite him to be baptized we say "so if you receive an answer and know that this is true...will you be baptized this day?" to which he responds "oh there is no doubt that it is guys are such examples...." and so on. haha We are going to work with him a little longer but hopefully he can progress.

Well...the work is better day by our last weekly planning session I could count about 8 people that I think with some effort might be baptized.... the only thing is helping them progress quickly! I love this message and the fact that I am a part of the final gathering (Joseph Smith Matthew) I have no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be.
Elder Crofts

Love being a missionary
Nothing like nice view of the beach

Its super pretty here
Not a bad view for the Elders

Completo Party

I'm already wearing out these shoes from all the walking

Car accident we saw in the campo

Elders relaxing on the way to the campo

A little guarana. I saw this at the store and thought of Dad so I had to buy it. It was super good.

The next hit movie the missionary marines.

Elders on the bus

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