Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014
Howdy.  Well... I have just over a month in Chile.  Time really does fly! Some days are really good and others you just gotta love that guy named bill the bed.
Everything is great! We are working hard and have found some really good people. We are just having problems with people going to church.  We commit them to be baptized but they can never progress because they never go.  We are just having a hard time finding people at their houses and it also doesn’t help that church is at 10 ("SUPER EARLY" according to many people here... haha)
The other day, we were walking and something as simple as a golf ball gave me the desire to be at home at the golf course with you Dad!  I miss things like this a lot sometimes.  But normally, I am too busy to think about it.  I just tell myself not to think about it and that in two years I will be able to go with you as much as I want. I never really am homesick but there are times where I am like man I miss that... haha

So we had a ward activity on Saturday!  It was really good and we found a new couple that we are going to teach! At the party, they had tons of choripan and empenadas..... Oh yeah.  I was going so hard with that.  At the end, they had some left overs so wouldn’t you know it they came to me to dispose of it (nothing’s changed).  I packed up the food they gave me, put it in my bag and carried it around contacting for the rest of the night.  I am going to have a nice snack in about 30 minutes.  I am also trying to be good with exercise.  Elder Dunn doesn’t want to run.  He is athletic and likes to play soccer.  But his workouts are stretching on his bed for twenty minutes with 5 or ten minutes of pushups....haha so I try to make the best of my time to work out with jump rope and other stuff that I have invented.  I do enough to get a good sweat in.

The perfect day we had is 20 street contacts, 2 lessons with member present, 2 lessons with recent converts or less actives, and 2 other lessons, 7 invitations to church, giving out 2 Books of Mormon, contacting 5 less active families and I think some other stuff

The spirit is strong when you look for it.  I had a prayer this week where I really just poured my soul and I just felt lifted up.  It felt GREAT!  My desire to preach, teach, walk and do everything was tons better.  I love prayer.  We also had a lesson where the spirit just filled the room.  It was with a less active.  We just were teaching by the spirit and saying the things that they needed.  I know that as we look for the spirit in lessons that we are guided.

Really not much happened this week.  We worked hard, found some new people, had to leave some others but everything is going good! I am stoked for I cannot wait!!! 

I know the church is true! I know that as we are obedient and try harder each day to be a little better that we are happier and the Lord will bless us immensely! I think that is the hardest part of the mission.... trying to give my whole heart to the Lord.  I can do all my effort and everything else, but that is what I am really trying to work on is giving my whole heart.  I love you all and really appreciate the letters! If I don’t write you back I print them and will write back later. 

Love you!
Elder Crofts

P.S. Just wanted to let you know I thought of you and Grandpa during my studies this week in Helaman 5:6.  You two are great examples and I am beyond blessed to have the same name as you two.  I am working hard to live up to the expectations.  Love you! 

We had games at the ward activity
I was in charge of musical chairs with the kids

Last P-Day we played soccer with some members & investigators

Our Zone Leader Elder Herrera is from Argentina & made me wear this Lionel Messi jersey. Sorry Dad. Ha ha

My daily breakfast. 2 eggs with sausage, toast, cereal with yogurt and fruit

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