Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

I’m in Chile!!!


So the traveling was not bad at all.  At the Mexico airport, I was able to give a Book of Mormon and talk to a grandma, her daughter, and her daughter’s husband.  They were Catholic but they seemed fairly interested.  Obviously I don’t know what happened with it but I talked to them about how they could increase in their faith.  My Spanish was broken but we were able to communicate just fine.

President Kähnlein is super awesome. I love him and his wife!!!! He is pretty tall and I liked them both even more than I thought I would!

The Chileans are much harder to understand. In Mexico, I could understand almost all of what people said, here I am lucky to understand what is happening in the conversation.  My companion is Elder Dunn and he is from San Diego and I like him a lot.  He has been in the field for 4.5 months and is so great!!! We get along just great!!!! We are in an area called Concon.  It is north of Vina del Mar and it is so beautiful and right on the coast.  It is pretty chilly but with a sweater or my coat I am totally fine.

THE FOODDDD!!!! I like it here lots.  Each day we have lunch with the members. (except the 1st)  They feed us great food.  I have had an amazing pizza, a completo (heaven between two buns) and chicken and rice.  Hopefully I won’t need some new pants here soon... haha 

So the ward we are over has two piano players who almost never show up.  So, I played on Sunday and it looks like I might be the consistant piano player for them.  I wish I would have listened to you and Mom more and practiced a lot when I was younger.  I sure am envious of Amy and her skills. ha-ha I didn’t mess up or anything but the songs I feel comfortable playing is a total of like 8 ha-ha.

The package hasn’t come yet and yeah you can’t do it through private carriers unless you want to pay the fee.... sorry!!

Dad you would hate how late the Chileans are for everything.  Elder Dunn said it was just pretty bad this week but I feel like everything including sacrament starts late. 

But really I am doing great!!! Elder Dunn had a baptism 2 weeks ago and he had splits at the end of the last week so it made it so we kind of had to start from phase one a little bit.  We have three people who we think will accept the invitation to be baptized.  One person is ready to be baptized but has a problem with the law of chastity.  I have not met her yet but Elder Dunn says she is super ready she just needs to end things with her boyfriend. She is 18 and I am hopeful for it.  We are juts having a hard time getting a hold of people or people are bailing on appointments.  But everything is great and I am really happy to be a missionary.  

I am super good.  I love being a missionary and I wish I had more time but I only have a couple minutes left.  The work is good.  I am happy to be doing the work.  We are trying to find people who are truly interested but I am personally doing fine I am just hoping we can find more success this week.  If things go as planned we should have 3 investigators with a baptism by the end of the week.  I love you and thanks for everything.

Con Amor,

Elder Crofts

President & Sister Kahnlein welcome Elder Crofts
New Arrivals at the Vina del Mar Flower Clock

Santiago airport
Mexico MTC District 17A
Elder Dunn, my trainer
Orientation at the mission office

Elder Dunn & Crofts in Concon

Elder Crofts first completo

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  1. So awesome Elder Crofts! First completos, I miss them so much! Concon is an awesome area! I was in the city next to it and able to do interchanges there many times. It is a very pretty city and great ward. It is one of the nicest cities in the mission and a little touristy, but very safe. I am so excited for him!!