Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Que pasa from CONCON,

Everything is sunny and 75 in these parts.  Last week was a little chilly but it is starting to heat up and today was absolute paradise.  I am enjoying it now because I heard the summers here are killer hot sometimes....yellow shirts here I come. yippee.  We live in the basement of a member named Hermana Merium! She is awesome and Saturday night brought us down a nice big piece of chocolate cake... Heather would have been happy.  Wouldn’t you know it, we started a fast a couple hours before so we had to wait until later to eat it.  But I really like our pension.  It is a little small so it is hard to work out super effectively.  Today I just bought a huge water jug so I have more options to work out.  There is not room to jump rope so I just jump up and down in the pension... haha.

So 18th of September!!! Basically this is like their 4th of July.  They go CRAZY for a whole week with whatever type of meat and empanadas you can think of.  All the people talk about with the holiday that I have heard is food.  If there is one thing I now know... it is that the Lord truly knows me.  I have never doubted it more in my entire life. (The church is true) Just last night a member with the cutest family in all of Chile called us to come over to grab something around 8.  We didn’t have much time so while we were there he gave us two sausage hot dog things that were good then a container with some grilled chicken and steak. May I say, Chile does it right.  The steak was straight up Rodizio Grill.  I don’t think I am going to have any problems with enjoying myself this week, although it is going to be difficult to find people to teach.  Everyone we contact who is somewhat interested always says "oh...well pass by after the 18th" so we will see how this week goes... haha

It is tough having investigators who know our message is true... but they are unwilling to change.  We had to drop 3 this week but also found some good ones. We also have problems with lessons falling through because people aren’t there. The work is not progressing how I want it to so we are just going to have to work harder and harder.  We are definitely seeing miracles in the work though.  Trying to stay positive and trusting in the Lord.  That is the way to do it!

The Spanish is coming little by little.  We had a crazy week where I didn’t get my hour of language study every day, which I really need.  We need to be better at talking all Spanish.  I told Elder Dunn that this week not one word of English is coming out of my mouth.  And I am going to stop him if he starts to talk in English.  Elder Dunn is super cool. We have quite a bit in common and get along well.  I am still not completely used to the whole companion thing and at times I just wish I could be in my room at home to have time to study whatever I want.  We read the Book of Mormon 4 times a year as a mission so all my personal study time is taken by that but I really like it! Elder Dunn has been sick the past week so thank goodness I am still doing alright.  I still have to use his cable for my camera because they don’t sell them in Concon... at least not for my camera.  I will have to go to Viña.
I ‘m jealous of your trip to St George! I am happy that all is going well and that it sounds like papa is doing better.  Sending my love your way!

Love, Elder Crofts

P.S.... HUGE thank you to Gord and Claudia! I am going to write them a letter when I get a chance. Thanks!!!

Just a spoonful of service makes the world go round.  We helped make a path for a school in Quintero.
Completos complete me
Even if they are a little messy
I saw these Brasil feijoada chips & I decided to try them for you Dad.
I don't know if I would put them on the weekly shopping list
There is no time of the day like lunch time

Chile is a really cool place

Elder Dunn going out to the campo for lunch in the back of a truck

The view from the back of the truck. Not too shabby.

The zone leaders Elders Wadman & Herrera

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