Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

Chilean Independence Day

So with it being Chili’s Independence Day, we ate A LOT, a lot of meat and a lot of bread. YUMMY. I am trying to work out hard in the 30 minutes we are given so I don’t gain weight.  Our zone leader said he had a body type like me before the mission.... he is now 30-40 pounds heavier.... hahaha not gonna happen sorry Chile! 
I had an interchange with Elder Herrera, our zone leader from Argentina.  It was super good!  He is a great missionary and I really learned a lot.  We accomplished the mission standard of a perfect day! It was my first. There are a lot of missionaries who have not had one that have been out for a while.  We had a huge lunch with a family and I was stuffed after.  When we walked out of the house, Elder Herrera turned to me and said "Now we have another one".....I have eaten a lot of food in my life... as you all know.... but I honestly hurt after I was done with this day.... I was convinced I was going to wake up 402 pounds, bed broken because of the weight, and my clothes torn.  I just recovered yesterday from this fear.  During this interchange, we had a miracle.  We had a first lesson with a 16 year old named Diego.  He was so good throughout the whole lesson and loved learning.  At the end, I was extending the invitation to be baptized and I didn’t even have time to finish the sentence.  He cut me off and said “I want to be baptized".  Basically in two days, he has decided he wants to serve a mission like us and he wants to help people.  He has a baptismal date for the 5th of October.  I may not get to help teach the rest of the lessons or baptize him, but it was a privilege to have a little part in his conversion.
As part of the September 18th celebration, we couldn’t teach anyone... they were all busy.  As of now, we have 7 investigators.  We have an average of 2 lessons a week taught to investigators with members.  6-8 other lessons (just with investigators) and about 8 with recent converts and less actives.  It is hard because on our side of Concon, we only have like 5 active homes of members.  So we don’t have a ton of people to work with.  Our side of Concon also is a passerby town.  We get a lot of references for the zone leaders on the other side and while we do get some people to teach, most of our contacts result in us giving them a card, trying to bare testimony and then finding that card in the street some time later that day.... haha People always say..."oh I believe in Christ, why don’t you go find the sinners and all the bad people?"  I hear "soy un buena persona" more than I would like. haha It is really beautiful here though.  Our pension is about 5 or 6 blocks away from the beach.  So we have some great views almost all of the time.  There are some really great people here.  We are just trying to teach any person that is willing to let us in!  Concon is safe no worries.  I have heard that on the other side near some apartments there is some sort of territorial gang problem but I haven’t seen anything.
Elder Dunn is hard working and is really sincere and has the desires to do his best.  He is outgoing and is athletic.  He is a big soccer fan. We get along just fine!  Today we are playing soccer for p day with some members, less actives, and investigators.  It should be good!  I really like Chile! It is a bummer to have the success not be going to be what I would hope.  We are trying to soften the hearts and do all we can to bring people to Christ.
I love being a missionary. The Spanish is coming.  I can understand and communicate! I wish all my fam and homies success in whatever you are doing.  Remember to look for opportunities to share the gospel.  God is preparing, and has prepared, people for you to share your testimony with.  Because after all is said and done, the gospel and this message is all that really matters.

Elder Crofts
a big thanks to Alicia for the package.  It definitely lifted my spirits and I loved it!

Also, a quick message to my Grandparents.  I love all four of you.  You will never know how big of an impact that you have had in my life.  I will always remember looking up in the stands and seeing my grandparents there to support me, just as you are supporting me now.  I pray for you often and truly feel beyond blessed to have such amazing grandparents in each and every one of you.  I wish you good health and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of you.
Elder Crofts

Celebrating Chilean Independence Day, September 18th
Thanks Alicia for the package
Don't let your zone leader convince you he can cut your hair....

La Cueca, a Chilean dance

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