Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014

My flights from Mexico City to Chile is Monday at 11:55pm (Mexico time) and it is on Aeromexico flight 10 to the Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez airport and I land at 9:25 am.  My flight reference number is 435224 and we are on a Boeing 767.   It also says I will have a hot meal on the flight. :) Probably nothing great but hey I am okay with food. haha also... all the guys in my district think Heather is gorgeous.  I hear about it at least once every day.  A few of them joke that "oh she is a junior? Perfect! Well when I get home she will be done with high school and we can get married!" haha.... maybe I will scratch her out of the pics so I don’t hear about it. Just kidding.  But yeah everything is great.  We started packing today and it gets me so pumped.  Elder Lecheminant flies out at 6 am on Monday morning so he has to leave the CCM at 2 am. haha so I probably won’t get much sleep.  But yeah I can’t wait to go.  I have like 300 Mexican pesos and I think I might give it to this house service guy who spent some time talking to me and two other of the elders for like 15 minutes and gave us advice as a RM and wished us luck.. He is a great guy so that is what I am planning on.

The diarrhea is gone.  The pills of mine and Elder Edwards helped

The Español is good but I definitely will struggle with how fast I’ve heard the Chileans speak.  I am not too worried though because we are SO far ahead of the other districts at the CCM with our language.  Both our teachers think we are the best they have had.  Our teacher who has been here for a year cried today in her last lesson with us and told us how much she would miss us.  She bore her testimony and man it was powerful.  We got her a water bottle (she constantly stole our other teachers water bottle so kind of an inside joke) and said "you quenched our thirst for knowledge so we thought we would repay the favor" then had notes and candy inside of it.  It was really good and she definitely helped us so much.

I am so excited.  I know that Christ is my Savior now more than ever.  I can’t wait to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Chile to come unto Christ.  This is going to be great.  I know that it is going to be hard.  But when things get hard, I will remember the Savior and how He endured his trials.  If my growth needs to have 1/231423534657645745674534 the suffering of Christ to grow, then bring it on.  I can’t wait to work with the members.  Here comes 18 years of waiting.  Wish me luck!!!

Hey gotta go! I will let you know how everything goes.  There is a full district of Viña del Mar Chile missionaries but they were all in the beginner Spanish so we weren’t together a lot.  But we have a good size group going.  It should be a lot of fun! Some really sharp elders going that I know and also some iffy ones that I am not so sure about.... hopefully they are all great.  I love you all and thanks for everything!!!!


Elder Crofts
Our amazing teacher with our district.  She is the one in the middle. 

As ushers, we get tight with the nativos

Our note to our teacher

And you said the way of asking to dances was a waste.  Look at how the creativity is helping me.  Haha.

The final gift for our teacher.

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