Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014

Thanks for all the stuff you sent with Drake.  It was perfect.  I would not send anything else to the MTC because I think it takes 2-3 weeks for stuff to get here so it would probably be better to start sending it to Chile if anything.

This week was great!  It FLEW by.  I can’t believe we are half way there.  It will definitely be good to go and start doing the work and not just preparing for it.  We had a devotional that was really good the other day where the speaker gave an analogy of a man who was told if he walked through a cornfield, when he came out, he would have the largest ear of corn. There was only one rule HE COULDNT GO BACK.  He walked through and a little ways in he saw some small ears of corn, deciding the corn would be better at the end he pressed on.  He did this two more times, each time the corn was larger and larger.  When he came out the other side, he wondered why he was empty handed and he soon realized that what was meant by the promise was that he was supposed to gather as he went.  This applies to us so much.  There is grace and the Savior will make up for what we can’t do, but we have to do ALL that we can first (2 Nephi 25:26).   As we go through this cornfield of life (or for me a mission),  we need to gather as much as we can.  There will be times when our arms are full and we drop a little bit of what we have gathered.  But we can always carry more than we think because the Savior is behind us picking up what we could not hold on to. But we MUST do our OWN PART FIRST. 

So our teacher said that of all the districts that she has taught in the past year, we are definitely the most advanced with the language.  She said "I told my other class how awesome you guys were and they were all really jealous.  I am proud of you guys for working on your Spanish."  Our branch president said that in our 1st week we are at the level of most of the people who are leaving.  We are now doing ten pushups each night for all of the times we talk in English.  The other night I did 110!!!!  They all pick on me since I am the DL.  I talk just as much Spanish as anybody but one slip and “DIEZ!!!!"  Oh well... a little work out never killed anybody.

So there is an elder in our district that is very stubborn named Elder Hall.  He loves being in control and doesn’t give his companion (Elder Thomas) any say.  He also doesn’t study what he is supposed to when assigned.  Elder Thomas is an angel.  He is so patient and Christ-like.  I have a lot of respect for him.  I had been praying for a few days for how I could help them.  It was Friday (two days before fast Sunday), when I was studying when all of a sudden I felt like I knew what I should do.  I kneeled down and offered my plan to the Lord to see if it was what I should do.  As soon as I was done with the prayer, I sat down and saw Elder Thomas walking up to me; he had a question about our language assignment.  I knew immediately that this was an answer to my prayers.  I answered his question then talked to him about how I had been praying and I felt that we should fast to know what to do to help Elder Hall.  Elder Hall then came up a few minutes later and we talked to him for about 30 minutes about the importance of studying the things we have been assigned because people who have been called of the Lord have been inspired to give us them.  He is really stubborn but eventually I think the spirit softened his heart enough because now he is doing better.  He is still very controlling in the companionship but I have more confidence that his language will be better prepared for the mission field.  There is still work to be done but the Lord definitely answered the prayers of Elder Thomas and me.  

I know that God answers prayers and wants to help us.  We just have to work to receive that help. I love this Gospel.  My mission means everything to me.  I can’t wait for Chile.  I feel the blessings pouring out.  I love you guys and pray for you often.

Con amor,

 Elder Crofts
Great to have Drake here. Thanks for the sweet ties Liz & Trent
Fast Sunday tie.
This pose has been taken for every football picture since these two were in junior high. "Too cool...It's against the rule."
District 17A
My place of study each night
This place is beautiful
My boy Drake's body is still adjusting to Mexico. "Bless You!"

Great kickball game last P-Day

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