Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016


Sorry for the overload of pictures! We took a lot these last 2-3 weeks! 

On Saturday, we had Juan´s baptism.  He is 70 years old and has SO much faith.  It really is just a miracle how willingly he accepted everything we taught him.  In spite of having problems with his leg and living quite far from the church.  He always gets there 20-30 minutes early.  Yesterday he got there 10 minutes early and was anxious that he had arrived too late! haha 

On Tuesday, I went to Monte Patria for an interchange.  It is a town that is about 40 minutes out of Ovalle towards the Argentine border.  We went to a small town called "Palki" and were able to find 5 investigators and commit 3 of them to be baptized! It was sweet! They ended up not coming to church but there are some awesome people there! 

Cleyde Colome will be baptized on Sunday.  She is awesome and in spite of the little time she has, she loves to share with us and knows that this is what God wants for her. She was willing to leave her tea with us in our last lesson with her.  We are going to have a family night tonight with her and another family.

Miguel Aguilar gave his first testimony yesterday and it was SWEET! It was one of the best structured and organized testimonies and it was really sincere.  He is an awesome guy and will be a great support here in Ovalle.

I LOVE THE MISSION! We have seen so many miracles.  I am just working hard and enjoying every moment. I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Elder Crofts
Juan's Baptism

P-Day 2 weeks ago playing soccer!

The Aguilar family wanted to give us food...
...okay, if you insist.

The sausage is called prieta (it is a blood sausage).

Not as bad as you might think.

Family night with Paolo and the Varas family

My old scripture cases

This is Juan who we baptized on Saturday

Well, this used to be a bunny

Valle del Encanto (Enchanted Valley)

Esteban & Jenny Barraza from Punitaqui gave us the tour!

The Native Americans carved the rocks here

It was great to see.

We think this is where Native Americans did baptisms.

They call this "the king's bathtub."

I think too many hikers have peed in it now for me to want to bathe in it

but it was Cool!

I found a garter snake

Sister Jones made us lasagna.
Sister Diaz gave us root beer when she came
and one of our neighbors gave us donuts...Party!!!

Our shower was broken so for a few days we had to use a bowl and splash ourselves. Haha

Guillermo doing his family history. He is stoked to get to the temple.

More photos of Juan's baptism

This is Cleyde's tea. To the trash you go my friend!

Sorry for the overload of pictures! We took a lot the last 3 weeks!

The Huitranan family! We are trying to baptize Pedro's girlfriend.

She has a baptism date for this weekend but we will have to postpone it.

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