Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad!!!

It sure was great to see all of you guys on Christmas! There were lots of surprises in those envelopes! I am stoked!!! We had a really good week and had Ana´s baptism on Saturday.  We have some other potential baptisms but we need to help them resolve some doubts first.  Elder Call was sick on Christmas but he is already feeling better and we are getting to work.  Even though he and I both were asked some "trunky" questions on Christmas, we are still really focused and excited to keep working and we are going to try and make the most of every moment! 

On Sunday, we went to La Chimba.  It is a branch that is about 20 to 30 minutes away by car and is basically just a long windy dirt road.  There were only 10 other people there and it was cool to be there with them and enjoy the sweet spirit.  I was asked to talk and talked about spiritual birth and maintaining spiritual fire.  It was basically my farewell talk from before the mission.  La Chimba really needs more priesthood holders.  As we were walking along the long dirt road that makes up La Chimba, we were talking about the need they have of priesthood holders when we came across a 19-22ish year old guy.  We decided to contact him and he was really receptive! He said he was interested so we gave him a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment with him today after PDAY.  Hopefully it all turns out! 

After church yesterday, we had waited for 20ish minutes for a taxi or bus to come by and NOTHING. On Sunday, there is almost no traffic that goes through there.  It was really hot outside and we were feeling it.  We were already behind schedule for our lunch so we looked at each other and said "well... should we walk?" We decided we didn’t have any other option so we took off our suit coats, put them in our bags and took three steps when suddenly a taxi came flying around the corner.  We were saved! I sure was grateful.  What a tender mercy!  I would have gotten to lunch a sweaty mess!!! The Lord answers prayers! I love you all and hope you have a great week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Con Amor,
Elder Crofts 
Ana's baptism!!!

La Chimba!!!

Dirt roads and country. I never thought I would be working in a sector like this! haha

Christmas Eve dinner!
Feliz Navidad!!!

Elder Call's family sent gifts!!!!

That was nice of them.


Elder Call fell asleep during his studies on Christmas because he wasn't feeling so well....


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