Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015

Well howdy,

Wow this week was crazy.  As ZL´s, we have had a ton to do to try and find a new pension for the sisters and we also had to clean and hand over some old pensions in the zone.  Elder Call was in the office for 7 months and helped out with fixing up pensions.  Now that we are in the north of the mission, he still has to help out with the pensions.... So we have had a lot to do but it looks like after today things are going to settle down and we can just get to work.  

I feel like people have been more receptive here.  We found 7 new investigators this week and they really have a lot of potential.  We were hoping that 4 or 5 investigators would come to church yesterday but they didn’t show up.  I am ready to work hard this week and get the work going! 

We had to be in 2 different branches yesterday that both start at the same time so we ended up doing divisions.  I felt so weird not having a missionary companion with me.  I stayed with an RM in our home branch and confirmed Cathy a member.

I thought a lot this week about how much I have changed in the mission and how much more I know about the gospel and about myself.  It has been awesome coming to know the Savior better and striving to be more like Him.  I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 

Elder Crofts

P.S. hey.... as of now it looks like my next P-day will be a week from Tuesday! I guess we are going to do some activity for Christmas? But plan on Tuesday unless I tell you something different! 

SUBWAY!  I think I will get along just fine here in Ovalle.

Replica de Zona

Exchange with Elder Santa Ana

Saying goodbye to Hermana Forste!

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