Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Howdy there!


This week Elder Viñas from the area came to our mission.  We had a conference with him with four other zones and it was great!  I learned a lot about the importance of goals and having a vision for ourselves and the things we want to do.  He said that “the numbers and the results aren’t important.  The important thing is that we are learning and getting better.  That is why a goal can’t exist without a vision and neither exists if we don’t have a plan."  He said "so the number of baptisms for the week was zero... well at it they got baptized". haha *(If anyone can understand what this means or possesses a Urim and Thummim to translate this sentence please call Bobby's family).  I realized that a lot of times I get so upset with myself for not achieving what I feel like I should be that I forget to learn as I got and I don’t enjoy the work.  I feel like these last few days I really have had the spirit with me stronger and I feel like the Lord is happy with the effort I am giving.  

Elder Avila had a doctor’s appointment and it doesn’t look like it is anything serious.  The doctor gave Elder Avila a prescription and also the suggestion of an x-ray.  When Elder Avila saw what the price of the x-ray would be I think he regretted ever having talked with the mission nurse. haha so instead of setting an appointment to do it we walked out. Since that time I haven’t heard any complaining about his knee. haha

Yesterday as I took the sacrament I was really praying and fasting for a spiritual experience and for the "vision" that I needed to start to set some good goals.  I reread the baptismal questions and gave myself a mini interview with myself and God.  I really felt the spirit and really felt like I was renewing the covenants that I have made.  It was much needed and I feel better than I have in a while.  God is really so loving and so willing to help us but a lot of times we never overcome the first obstacle to get to Him: ourselves.  I love to take the sacrament and it is just a bummer that we only do it once a week because like it teaches us in 3 Nephi 18 it really "fills" us every time that we worthily take it.  I love you guys and I hope that this Sunday can be a special experience as you renew your covenants! Thanks for everything.

Elder Crofts
The 3 women that were baptized after Elder Goulding and I contacted them a few months ago! :)

We got together as a zone last week to play soccer!

I ask Elder Avila to take a picture and he always uses it as an excuse for an ugly selfie. Enjoy! Haha

The number 8 "Vidal" crew

The zone with Elder Perreira showing off his freshly shaved head on the far left.

All of our district

Service project with Elder Puefua. Let's go PAINTIN!

Sebastian served his mission in Idaho and speaks English really well!

Tacos with Charlie. YUM!

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