Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well it was a great week! We found some new investigators and two of them accepted baptism but we are going to have to work hard to help them progress.  We really need to find more people and I am ready to work like a slave this week! Haha  Elder Avila and I will be staying together for at least one more change! Time to bring the miracles! 

Speaking of miracles.... looks like I didn’t have the faith necessary to have the miracle of making a part of the choir.  I got a letter today saying "elder rejection" in the title haha.  It was worth the effort and I thought of mom as she is going to read this letter saying "Really?! He didn’t make it?! But he sings so well!" haha So.... maybe next time! 

So the other day we were knocking some doors and came across a woman that was VERY “evangelica.”  We started to talk with her about Christ but as soon as we mentioned the Book of Mormon she started to tell us that we were teaching apostasy.  Well.... we gave our testimonies and kept moving on.  It was a tough contact and hurt a little bit but the thought came to my head after "come what may and love it".  It is tough being rejected at times but I love the way I feel knowing that I have done my part in inviting others to come unto Christ. 

I really like Nephi’s example in 2 Nephi 4.  Even though he was a prophet, he had hard moments and felt really week.  He understood that to be spiritually self-reliant he had to be less reliant on his self and look for more of God´s help.  I have seen in my mission that the moments that I feel my best are when I feel like I depend more upon the Lord.  I also like Alma 5:45-46.  Even though he was a prophet and had seen an angel in the moment of his conversion, he needed to "fast and pray" often so that he could have the spirit so that he could come to know the truth of the gospel.  I hope that helps!!!

Not too much has happened this week! But I am learning a lot and loving the ride! 

Elder Crofts

Humberto's house for food. He sent this picture to Elder Crofts Family
Mission Leadership conference with President & Sister Diaz
Leadership conference photo from the new mission blog

Got Chick'n....well...sure do!

Well I finally got the pictures from Elder Choez. 

This was our lovely service project a few weeks ago!

If you want to read or reread the rooster killing story it was on the August 10th blog post

In the bus!

One of Mom's lovely BBQ chicken pizzas!

We had some rain so the road to our service project was a little muddy

Our service project was laying down some tile

Sorry Dad, I know you hate "ugly pictures"  but Elder Avila isn't too great for taking normal pics and it looks like I have been a little bit of a conformist. Haha.

Thanks so much Alicia! We are going to bust this bad boy open today!

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