Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015


hello HELLO!!! 

Well I just wanted to point out that the 4th of July in Chile is super lame.  I didn’t even realize that it was the fourth until I was writing in my journal Sunday morning (the fifth) haha  But like I said last week, Chile won the Copa America! Everyone celebrated a ton the day after but this week it seems like everything’s gone back to normal! 

So we have had a really hard time finding people to teach.  I think Elder Goulding is my companion that has had the most success on the mission and for some reason we just can’t seem to find it.  I would say 75% of our appointments fell through this week.  Some of them we had set an hour or two before but when we get to the house they aren’t even there. haha One woman we talked to told us to come back in 30 minutes.  We came back to find her 9 year old son saying that she had left.  I feel good with our efforts and I feel like we are really trying to do our best.  We fasted on Saturday  because we realized that if we wanted to baptize this month we had to find someone that day.  Saturday night we decided to stop by the house of a contact that we had done the day before.  She wasn’t there but we talked with her sister (16) named Camila.  She accepted the baptismal invitation and said she was going to go to church Sunday morning.  We stopped by Sunday morning to walk with her to church but she told us she wasn’t going to come because her daughter (1) was sick and she couldn’t leave the house...  bummer.  But I feel like we did our part and hopefully we can help her progress!  

So yesterday after church it rained a ton! We were on our way to lunch at a member’s house and had no idea where it was and it just started to POUR! The sisters in our ward didn’t have an umbrella so I gave them mine to use for the day and Elder Goulding was using my rain boots because his shoes have a big old hole in the bottom so let’s just say we got soaked.  My rain jacket held out for a while but in the end the rain won. haha  

It looks like today our zone is going to meet up to play soccer! Hopefully I still have some athletic ability having not played sports in almost 10 months.... haha Time is sure flying by! I love the mission and I love this gospel.  I am determined to make this week the best week yet.  Thanks for all that you do! Love you! 

Elder Crofts

Another picture from the leader meeting

I made brownies & we ate them with ice cream!


Elder Silva from Brazil!

Elder Choez from Ecuador!

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