Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Well howday,

SEGUNDO Y MERI!!!! Well these two abuelitos (grandparents) are just angels. Meri has been having problems with hearing voices and she has a sincere desire to really feel closer to God.  Last week we gave her a blessing and she has started to feel and sleep a little better.  When we first met them I was afraid that they would not be able to retain the things we teach them but the Lord is really blessing them for their efforts.  On Sunday we passed by their house and took the bus with them to the church.  They entered hand in hand and loved it.  We received a lot of help from the members and they felt super comfortable.  Tomorrow we are going to have a family night with them and a few other awesome members.  The plan is for them to be baptized on the 8th so hopefully all goes well.  They are really the only people that are progressing.  The others are essentially trying to decide what is more important to them.

Well this week we had two different circumstances where couples that we were teaching started to argue right in front of our faces.... talk about awkward.  We tried to help them calm down but it wasn´t working to well.  We ended up having to book it to the house to arrive in time.  We have this big old hill right to the side of our building that we have to climb to get to enter.  Elder Garcia was DYING. haha I gave him crap after and told him that if he did better exercises it wouldn’t be so hard.  In his 30 minutes of exercises every day, he does about 60 pushups while I run in a big circle around him. Haha

Well the father moment of the week..... he sucked up a bunch of water that he spilled on the floor with the vacuum.  So this morning I went to clean it without knowing that he did this and we have some bug colony that is like some sort of mold that is growing..... so that has been sitting out all day and we are going to have to go clean it.... should be fun. 
 Well not much more has happened this week.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I am sending prayers grandpa´s way.  Thanks for everything

Elder Crofts
The view from Segundo & Meri's house

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