Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Mis queridos amigos y familia,
Firstly....happy 50TH DAD!!!! Sorry I wasn’t there for it but I´ll make it for the next half century (100) haha.

Well..... we are really fighting to find people at their houses.  We set a time to pass by.... we do it... and they are not there.  So we are really trying to find people that are genuinely interested.  So Jessenia and Carlos split up.  Jessenia came to church but we could not talk to her to see how she is doing.  It is a good thing because now we don’t have to organize a wedding but we are hoping she still has the desire to be baptized.  The other day we called her and she said she thinks that her baptism is going to take some time... We are going to try and help her recognize an answer from God because if she chooses to she can now be baptized this coming Sunday because she will have come to church 3 times.  So hopefully all goes well.  Please pray so we can know how to help her.  

We reactivated a 19 year old named Adolfo.  He came to church for the first time in 4 years and really wants to stay strong in the church.  We set an appointment with our bishop so that he can get things sorted out.  It was super awesome to see him at church.

Well I have learned a lot about LIVING the gospel in my time with Elder García.  We are different in a lot of ways but we get along well.   For me, I always had sports and could self-motivate.  I always tried to motivate him the ways that I would get myself motivated but it didn’t really work.  I am really learning to apply Christ-like attributes and I have seen that when I really try to treat him like Christ would that he listens better and things go smoother.  He has a girl friend and I feel like he talks and thinks too much about her.  We have read the 4th missionary together and I am really trying to work on our consecration to the work.  I get a little nervous at times that I am not training him the way that he needs but I am working hard and really want him to be prepared for whatever calling that may come after this change.

I got a letter from Alan Christensen and I am super grateful for the support that he gives! Tell him I really appreciate it and that I prayed for Matthew like he requested.  It was probably the strongest I felt the spirit that day.  I really felt that the prayer was needed.  I hope that everything works out.

I am learning a lot about the importance of being like Christ.  In the fourth missionary, it asks "when you die, when all is taken away and you are left without possession and all the people around you.... who will you be?"  He invites us to ask ourselves "Who am I?" I know that I thought of a lot of things I need to improve thanks to this question! 

Well... this week is going to be a better week.  You can expect success coming in the next email. Thanks for all you do. Love you! 

Elder Crofts

The Sis & I
Nothing like a nice hug from family

Thanks Kristy. Haha

I made muffins :)

My view for New Years
Interchange with our district leader Elder Artiga from Guatemala

Well, this is Elder Garcia for you. Two weeks with the slippers you sent him

Haha Dad I have come to the knowledge that I am truly your son.  I know that the same things would bother you. Haha

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