Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016


Yesterday Chile won the COPA AMERICA for the 2nd year straight against Argentina.  I am very happy for Chile but it definitely made it hard to find people to teach. haha Yesterday, we passed by quite a few people but all were busy watching the game and all the people we contacted in the street quickly told us "can’t talk!!! I have to get to the game!" When Chile won, people started honking their horns, screaming and going crazy.  From our apartment window, we could see various people going down the main avenue in a truck waving a giant Chilean flag behind them.  It was pretty cool but it may have kept me from sleeping for an hour or two. haha

Bad news, the Rodriguez family didn’t come to church yesterday.  Nicolas called us at 9:10 (right as we were on our way to their house) to let us know that they wouldn’t make it.  I HATE receiving texts or calls Sunday morning.  They almost always mean someone is not coming to church. haha.  He has had a lot of problems with plumbing in his house and had a bunch of workers coming over and his wife was really sick.  They said they are going to do everything they can to come next week.  Julieta, the 8 year old, REALLY wanted to go and really loves it when we come over.  The good news is that we are fighting to get members involved and we feel that it will make all the difference.  There is a young family in the ward that has offered to do a family night so we will see what happens.  We will be praying for them! 

ALSO!!! I called Elder Barlow last night to get some information on converts and he let me know some things about Miguel Aguilar.  Yesterday, he passed the sacrament, he gave a talk in sacrament, he taught a class AND he baptized someone! I was so happy to receive that news! 

I can’t believe I am coming to the end of the mission.  I think I always thought it would feel different.  I just feel like I am a normal missionary and that the work is going to keep on going.  I have really come to appreciate the learning "line upon line, precept upon precept.”  I still feel I have much to learn (which is true) but I am so grateful for the lessons that the Lord has taught me up until this point.  

Que tengan una buena semana! les quiero!
Elder Crofts 
Chile wins the Copa America!

Family night with a recent convert
Zone Conference

It was so nice to eat a good old hamburger... Gridelis don't worry sweety, I will be home soon :)

Some pics of the place we run to in the morning

Still a Laker :)

Here in Valparaiso, they have elevators that go up into the mountain.  This one is in Cerro Polanco.

This sister is a recent convert from Peru.  She made us a famous plate called "aji de gallina" and lets just say I almost fell in love with this sister.

It is like Hawaiian haystacks with a nice kick.

Sushi with Elder Gibson

My companion ate 6 hot dogs on sandwich bread right before going to sleep. Haha

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