Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015


Well..... Meri and Segundo didn’t get baptized yesterday.  We had a baptismal interview scheduled for them but they didn’t show up because Segundo was a little sick.  We tried to do it Saturday but Segundo didn’t want to do it.  We set a time to pass by that day to see what was up. When we got their there niece who is a Jehovah’s Witness was there visiting.  After a few minutes of talking, she started to tell us that we can’t force someone to be baptized and started to talk about a whole bunch of things that on an importance scale might reach a 2.2.  She had a folder of scriptures to try and show us that we were wrong.  Elder Garcia passed me a little note as she started to do all of this saying to be calm and not contentious with the lady.  She kept talking about why we are wrong and then Elder Garcia got super defensive with the lady... way to put your money where your mouth is.... haha.   But I think we both recognized that we couldn’t really do much.  I bore my testimony of the restoration and of the priesthood authority and we left.  The result? Segundo doesn’t want to come to church or be baptized and unfortunately Meri won’t do the things without Him.  I was pretty discouraged.  I feel like I am really working hard but sometimes things just don’t happen how I would like.  As I thought about it, I realized that part of the reason I was bummed is knowing that coming home and hearing the question "how many people did you baptize?" wouldn’t have the answer that I probably would have hoped before the mission.  As I thought about this a little more, I thought of Elder Robbins talk from conference "Which way do you face?" I realized that I might have been fearing the things that people will say after the mission and not worrying as much about what God thinks.  I was looking to build my kingdom, not God´s.  I know that I did what I could do help them progress.  There is a lot I could have done better in my 4 changes here in Concon.  But I know that the Lord is pleased with my efforts.

Well, one baptism fell through but another is in process.  A reference from back in September that we never got to teach because her boyfriend didn’t want any part of the church has now come to church 2 times in 3 weeks.  She split up from her partner and ready to enter into the waters! We got a lot of help from some good members this Sunday and have 3 family nights planned with her in the next week and a half.  She also is going to go to the temple this month with the ward.  She has had a lot of problems in her life and really just wants to feel a part of something that has meaning.... well she found it.  I will probably be leaving Concon this Wednesday,  so I won’t be able to see the fruits but I did what the Lord expected of me.  While I was organizing FHE´s and everything Elder Garcia was just talking with other members and taking it easy so I was a little bugged by that  .But I am confident that she will be baptized in the next 2 weeks! so sweet! 

I can’t believe that I have already finished 4 changes in Concon! I am thinking I will be transferred this change but we will see! I am hoping to learn a lot this next change!  It has been a learning process up to this point and I am hoping to make some things happen! 

Love You!!!!
Elder Crofts

Heading to lunch in the country
Until next time folks!

Our district!  I have been here longer than everyone else

I think I will be heading out this change

We were acting out Adam & Eve for a Gospel Principles class

Elder Garcia was Satan. Haha.

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