Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Lots of Changes

Well like the caption says.... this was a week jam packed of changes.  I am now in a ward named Chamiza (it is in Achupallas or Miraflores if you want to look it up).  I have lost the view of the beach and now am up in the hills and mountains of Viña with the dogs (cerros and perros..... hills and dogs) and I am with Elder Contreras from Argentina.  He is almost 1 year into the mission and is a super awesome guy.  I feel a little strange being the senior companion when I am with someone who actually knows the area and has more time in the mission. But, it looks like another change to be able to improve my Spanish!  I am really trying to be the most fluent in Spanish that I can be.  Wednesday morning when I was packing up my things, I got a call from the assistants saying that I was going to be a new District Leader.  I was freeeaking out.  I have PLENTY of things to learn and improve.  Hopefully I can make things happen.  

To get to Viña, we didn’t have anyone to take us in their car so we had to take the bus. MISERABLE.  I had my 3 suitcases and the bus was packed.  We were standing in the back of the bus where people always step off.  It was a nice warm day and let’s just say I did my exercises for the day.  The bus to Viña from Concon is not always the smoothest ride and I didn’t have hands to hold on to bars because I had to hold my bags. I just love buses.....there were a bunch of grumpy people on their way to work and it was just swell. haha Well, it is possible that I will be dry cleaning my suit VERY soon. haha

Well, I said goodbye to Rita.  She was pretty bummed.  I really hope that the ward can help her out because she is passing through some rough times.  Retaining the people we baptize is a fight here in Chile.  In the ward that I am in now, they baptized 7 people last year and only one remains somewhat active.  I have a lot of things on my plate now: Learn a new area, be a DL, and try and unite the ward so that we can actually get things done.  We have some awesome members, there is just not a lot of unity.  There is literally NO time as a district leader.  I am trying to help out my district and make things happen.  Hopefully, I can fulfill my calling.  

Any advice about being a DL?  I am trying to be the most obedient that I can and I want to be a good example.  If you have any advice I would love to hear it!  Also, with the ward it really is going to be a fight here.  Elder Contreras is in his 4th change here and has baptized 2 but they are already inactive or moved to a different ward.  He baptized 8 in Ovalle in the north of our mission because he had a lot of support.  I have realized how hard the work is without the consecration of the members to the church.  Even though we have great members, the work just isn’t progressing yet. Yeah, I guess I just need to follow the spirit and everything will work out. 

Love you all!!!

Elder Crofts

Elder Contreras is from Argentina and is my new comp
Getting to know the Chamiza Ward

We had a FHE with Cris & Sonia, the Mom of a missionary who is in the ward

They aren't members & don't really commit to anything but are super awesome
Said goodbye to Adolfo

He is a less active member that we are in the process of reactivating

"And if you shall bring save it be one soul unto me...."

"How great shall be your joy with them in the kingdom of my father."

Saying goodbye to Rita

She is such a sweetheart!

Final view from the pension

Elder Garcia taught me to draw... can you guess which is mine? LOL

Jorge Rosas was baptized a year ago.  He has a lot of problems

We pass by once a week to play dominoes & share a message

Angelica will probably be getting baptized next Sunday.

Too bad I won't be there to see it!

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