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 Day 1: Monday,July 11, 2016

  They arrived in Chile early Monday morning.  We weren't going to meet up until Tuesday when I went to the temple with the rest of the missionaries.  Amy got sick from a "gluten free" salad in Salt Lake so the others decided to have fun and try some of the delicious foods they had seen pictures of.

They had seen pictures and wanted to try a churrasco

A Turkish rap that they all went crazy about
A trip to Chile wouldn't be complete without a completo.  They showed me a picture and asked if that was cheese on top.  Sorry ladies.... that is mayo.
We had an awesome view in the place we stayed

Day 2: Tuesday, July 12, 2016

President Diaz and the Goulds
Elder Avila and Elder Staton
Ran into Elder Porter who lives around the corner from us.
You can't see it but in the bottom left corner there was a guy sleeping on the floor.
President and Hermana Diaz

I had to take advantage of their excitement to see me.
Day 3: Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Empanadas on the coast of Concon in a place called "Las Delicias"

We really lucked out and saw huge waves that came along the coast.

Mom didn't want to walk on the slope.  She was afraid she would fall.  Fortunately, I got a play by play of the whole thing. haha

Yeah.... that's not normal for Concon

Free car wash.

Don Bife.... or "sir beef" you can see why.

It rained on us on our way home from dinner.  Not my first time running in church clothes.

Day 4: Thursday, July 14, 2016
The sand dunes in Concon

Chirimoya.... I'm not the biggest fan but it is good as ice cream.

El Reloj de Flores

Wolf Castle

Cerro Polanco.  I walked up this hill almost daily.  They have little elevators like this all throughout Valparaiso.

The art and graffiti is part of what makes Valparaiso famous.

We ran into Elder Vail and Elder Benitez

One of the elevators.  There was a big line that we had to wait in to go up.

The Rodriguez Family: Nicolas and Ximena.  Julieta (8,to the left of Ximena), Luciana (5, on Ximena's lap) Nicolas (2)
Let's take a moment to look at Nicolas's face.

They offered to give us a tour of Cerro Alegre.  We loved it and they sure seemed to as well.

 Day 5:  Friday, July 15, 2016
Rita was my first convert.  She is just a little ball of energy and was thrilled to see us.

This is a little town about 40 minutes out of Valparaiso called Quintay.

Chirimoya was much better as ice cream than as just a fruit.

The Bernales Caceres family had us over for "once" which is Chile's equivalent of dinner but in much smaller portions.

None of the family liked "Mote con huesillo".  Which is a dried peach drink.  But they all fell in love with the pecan pie.

Day 6: Saturday, July 16, 2016

The trip from Vina to Ovalle

Hermano Paolo was my branch mission leader in Ovalle.  I sure love that man in spite of his very strong temper.  We became really good friends in my 6 months there.  I learned a lot from him.

Hermano German made the best empanadas that I have ever had. (they were cheaper too.... but he always gave them to us for free)  Dad tried to pay him in pesos for the empanadas but he wouldn't take any money.  Dad then pulled out a 20 dollar bill and said "what about this?" He took it as a souvenir. haha

The Aguilar Family.  They are from Ecuador.  His wife and daughter were baptized about 9 years before.  He had listened to tons of missionaries but none of them had convinced him.  Fortunately, when I got there, he finally made the decision to be baptized.  They have two other children that live in Ecuador.

Miguel Aguilar

Veronica, Norma, Miguel, Oscar

The Fritis family.  They often would wash our clothes for us and lived just around the corner

We drove by the church and there just happened to be an activity where we were able to see tons of members.  What a blessing!
The Barraza Family from Punitaqui.  Fabian, Carlos and Jenny. (Esteban is the Dad but he couldn't make it)

on the far right: Hermana Alfaro (purple) and Hermana Glenda

Rocio and Pedro got married shortly after I left.  They are such a miracle.

Rocio, Esperanza, Bryan, Francisca and Pedro

Juan Antonio Escorza Carbajal
This brother is already going crazy on his family history.  His conversion was a miracle.  As of today (December 26, 2016) he's already gone to the temple twice, inspite of his poor economic situations.

A few of my converts on the branch's missionary work bulletin board.

Perla, Jorge and Jorgito.  Fransisca is there daughter but was at the ward activity.
Day 7: Sunday, July 17, 2016 

On the way to Argentina, I saw this store with a lot of cups for a drink called "mate".  A lot of missionaries were obsessed with it but I thought it was disgusting.  Elder Barlow wanted to find one like that cow foot but couldn't find it.

Traveling can take its toll on you. haha

Iguazu Falls

Dad ran into someone from his mission.  Small world!

The closest he has been to Brazil in 30 years.  He was so happy to be there.

We went to an Argentinian steakhouse.  They know how to cook a good piece of meat!

I'd like to take a second to recognize Dad's form.

The welcoming committee.  It is crazy how some people have changed.

Robert Dawson Crofts I, II, and III back together again.

Two years is a long time without Grideli's "Big n' nasty burger"

The Nelson's are so awesome.  They made two big banners to welcome me home.

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